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God Knows Where I Am
Directed by
Todd Wider and Jedd Wider

USA / 2016 / 97

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Todd Wider, Jedd Wider, Lori Singer
On a spring day in 2008, a woman's body is found in a rural New Hampshire farmhouse; she lay barefoot, shoes neatly set beside her, legs over a heating vent.

In a haunting and lyrical unfolding of events, through her final diaries and from those who knew her best, we come to know Linda Bishop, once a vibrant mother, sister and friend, educated, funny, loved. Alternately diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia and a mood disorder -- depending on the doctor -- Linda always denied she was ill and in the end trusted no one. Gaining freedom after institutionalization, her intended brief stay in the farmhouse turned into four frigid months living on apples and rainwater, reading, writing in notebooks, and waiting for God to save her.

Filmmakers Todd and Jedd Wider examine the stigma of mental illness and how we as a society might find better ways of protecting those who ultimately cannot help themselves. -- Cynthia Kane

For over sixteen years, Todd and Jedd Wider have produced numerous critically and commercially successful documentary films: "Kings Point," (2012) nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short; Alex Gibney's multiple Emmy Awarding-winning "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God"; the Emmy Award-nominated "Semper Fi: Always Faithful", directed by Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon; Gibney's multiple Emmy Award-nominated "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer", 2008 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary and 2009 Emmy Award Winner for Best Documentary, and his "Taxi to the Dark Side"; the 2008 Sundance favorite "Kicking It", about the Homeless World Cup soccer tournament; the POV film "A Dream in Doubt", about the first post 9/11 revenge killing; Morgan Spurlock's "What Would Jesus Buy?", about our obsession with materialism and consumption; Libert's critically acclaimed "Beyond Conviction", about restorative justice and victim-offender mediation, and Paul Cronin's "A Time to Stir", about the 1968 Columbia University student uprisings.

In 2011, the Widers were each nominated by the Producers Guild of America for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures. Their commitment to social justice through film has been and remains informed by their respective professional endeavors.

Cast/Featuring: Lori Singer
Producer(s): Todd Wider, Jedd Wider, Brian Ariotti
Director(s): Todd Wider and Jedd Wider
Cinematographer(s): Gerardo Puglia
Editor(s): Keiko Deguchi
Composer(s)/Music: Ivor Guest and Robert Logan; Additional Music by: Paul Cantelon and Moshe Knoll
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