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Bad Vegan and
the Teleportation Machine

Directed by
Anton Goenechea

USA / 2016 / 90

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Anton Goenechea, Brianne Berkson, Jackie Stewart
Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine is as outlandish and creative as its title suggests, drawing you in with a well-acted, laugh-out-loud funny script. Featuring an idiosyncratic style and bizarre yet relatable characters, this quirky sci-fi rom-com is true escapism in every sense of the word!

Lily is a dreadful standup comic yearning for a glimmer of excitement to shake up her average life. She gets her wish in Spike: a slightly crazy yet charming and attractive scientist who is convinced that he has discovered the secret to human teleportation. Is this guy a con artist, or insane, or both? Lily (and the audience) wonders. Despite everyone telling her that she might just be as crazy as Spike for believing in his antics, Lily willingly disappears further and further down the rabbit hole, demonstrating along the way that sometimes we all just need a little something --or a really big something-- to believe in. --Evan Thomas

Anton Goenechea started his career as a writer and script doctor, working with several directors and producers in Spain and Mexico, where he was commissioned to direct the webseries "Bitacora", while working as a director of commercials for brands such as Heineken, Indio, Sol, Microsoft, and Cofetel. Upon his arrival in the States, Goenechea wrote and directed "Miss Mystery," a short film shown in the Long Beach Film Festival and the Coney Island Film Festival. He has co-written two feature films with Mexican director Humberto Hinojosa: "Paraiso Perdido," released in 2016, and "Camino a Marte" to be released in February 2017. "Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine" is Goenechea's first feature film as a director and constitutes the best experience of his life. He is currently developing his second film, "Callback", and is writing a script for Colombian director Salomon Simhon.
Cast/Featuring: Brianne Berkson, Andy Bean, Tamara Tunie, Steve Hytner, Adam Scarimbolo
Executive Producer(s): Brianne Berkson
Producer(s): Brianne Berkson, Anton Goenechea, Paolina Poe-Azcarraga, Jay Seals, Corbin Bronson
Director(s): Anton Goenechea
Screenwriter(s): Anton Goenechea, Brianne Berkson
Cinematographer(s): Markus E. Mueller
Editor(s): Ismael Gomez III
Production Designer(s): Valeria de Felice
Composer(s)/Music: John M. Davis
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