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Directed by
Michael Cohn

USA / 2013 / 105

World Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Michael Cohn, James McDaniel (Thursday Only)
When four high school friends venture into the wilderness for a hunting trip, one of the boys shoots a stranger in the woods, mistaking him for a deer. At first the four friends work together in a frantic struggle to save the wounded victim, but when this fails they are paralyzed with fear and uncertainty, and soon become divided about what to do and whether to hide this terrible accident. Increasingly desperate to stay out of trouble they act with the hope of leaving their nightmare behind, yet each decision only deepens their guilt and further ensnares them in a web of unforeseen consequences.
Writer/Director Michael Cohn is a filmmaker with twenty-five years experience in the entertainment industry. Previous to Sacrifice he directed three feature films, Interceptor, with Jurgen Prochnow and Andrew Divoff, When the Bough Breaks, with Martin Sheen and Ron Perlman, and Snow White, with Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill. As a screenwriter Mr. Cohn has worked with such directors as Tim Burton, John McTiernan, Bille August, Alfonso Arau, and Martin Scorsese. With a Masters Degree from the University of Texas at Austin filmmaking program, Mr. Cohn has divided his time over the years between filmmaking endeavors and teaching film production classes at various programs including UT, Austin, Chapman University, and the local community college in Houston, where he and his family currently reside.
Cast/Featuring: Luke Kleintank, Austin Abrams, Lewis Tan, Brandon Smith, James McDaniel, Melora Walters, and Dermot Mulroney
Executive Producer(s):
Philippe Caland
Rachid Rizk
Nina Yang Bongiovi
Producer(s): Jeanine Rohn, Joseph Semense
Director(s): Michael Cohn
Screenwriter(s): Michael Cohn
Cinematographer(s): Steven Parker
Editor(s): Heather Born, Brian Ufberg
Production Designer(s): Alejandro Sescosse
Composer(s)/Music: Roger Suen
Sound Designer(s): Kent Gibson
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