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Why I'm Not On Facebook
Directed by
Brant Pinvidic

USA, Canada / 2014 / 78

World Premiere

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Brant Pinvidic
One man's soul searching decision on whether or not he should join Facebook sets him off on an epic journey of self-discovery as he weighs the pros and cons of becoming a member of the world's largest social networking site. Along the way he talks with family, friends, total strangers and even celebrities whose lives have all been touched in one way or another by Facebook. From the long lost high school friend who uses it to stay in touch with classmates, to the pick-up artist who trolls the site to score with women, to the criminal who tracks your every movement to know when to rob your house, the best and the worst of Facebook is on display.
A born and raised Canadian, Brant Pinvidic started young as a serial entrepreneur with a showmanís flare and a passion for entertainment. He finally found his calling in factual entertainment when he produced, directed and hosted one of Canadaís first competition reality programs. The project eventually landed in development with NBC with Brant and his family relocating to Los Angeles. Brant served nearly four years as the Head of Development for GRB Entertainment (Intervention) where he learned the craft of creating and selling unscripted television before moving on to become the Head of Programming for the TLC Network. Brant is currently the President of Eyeworks USA (Bar Rescue, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss), one of the most prolific producers of unscripted television in the world. In his more than 10 years in the factual entertainment business the industry has continued to evolve, but Brantís love of raw, unscripted storytelling has remained constant. Why Iím Not On Facebook is his first feature film.
Producer(s): Hank Cohen, Dean Shull, Brant Pinvidic
Director(s): Brant Pinvidic
Cinematographer(s): Jake Pentland
Editor(s): Dean Shull, Eric Strand, Bryan Planner
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