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Red Robin,The
Directed by
Michael Z. Wechsler

USA / 2013 / 93

New York Premiere

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Michael Wechsler
Judd Hirsch plays Dr. Shellner, a Nobel Prize winning psychiatrist whose work with war refugees has brought him considerable fame. While doing PTSD-related work in war zones decades ago, Shellner adopted three orphans who crossed his path. These now grown children, along with his biological son, have gathered in their childhood home to celebrate their dying fatherís 75th birthday.

The reunion doesnít turn out quite as Shellner expected when adopted son Tommy, (Ryan OíNan), accuses him of war crimes and mind control experiments.

Tommyís story starts to take on an element of truth, as strange things begin to unfold. Eerie flashbacks suggest hidden secrets in a long night of accusations and revelations.

The Red Robin combines family drama with psychological thriller, and keeps the audience perched on the edge of their seats to see how it ultimately unfolds. ĖBen F. Fischer

Michael Z. Wechsler is the co-founder of Rowish Productions and Modern Primitive Films. Wechsler founded Rowish with producing partner, Shawn R. Singh, to develop transmedia entertainment across multiple platforms including motion pictures, television, online and mobile. Up next for Rowish are two documentaries (Mick Ronson and (52 Hertz), a mythological love story, (ďModern Primitives,Ē which was accepted in last monthís No Borders co-production market as part of IFPíS Independent Film Week and a co-production with Steffenwolf Films.

A professional editor for the last 15 years, Wechsler successfully segued into producing and directing television and developing original content. He also sold the series (Meeting the Family to Spike TV, and has worked on numerous projects for British Broadcasting Corporation, TLC, History Channel, Sundance, Lifetime and Travel Channel.

He directed TLCíS top rated, What Not to Wear, Travel Channelís Samantha Brown and the Bravo series Tim Gunnís Guide To Style. Wechsler wrote and directed his first feature, Slaves of Hollywood, which starred Hill Harper and was invited to over 35 festivals worldwide. Wechsler is a graduate of the Tisch School of Arts, Film Program at New York University. He lives in South Orange, NJ, with his wife and two boys.

Cast/Featuring: Judd Hirsch, Jaime Ray Newman, Joseph Lyle Taylor, Ryan O'Nan, C.S. Lee, Caroline Lagerfelt
Executive Producer(s): Jonathan Sanger, Wendy Pronin Herst, Rick Porras and Andy Abowitz
Producer(s): Shawn Singh, Michael Wechsler
Director(s): Michael Z. Wechsler
Screenwriter(s): Michael Z. Wechsler
Cinematographer(s): Adrian Correia
Editor(s): Tom Swartwout
Production Designer(s): David Barnes
Composer(s)/Music: Edmund Choi
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