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Stray Dog
Directed by
Debra Granik

USA / 2014 / 105

In English, and Spanish with subtitles

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Debra Granik
Director Debra Granik returns to the screen to tell the fascinating story of a man who sparked her imagination while she was filming the Oscar-nominated Winter’s Bone. Her talent for capturing the honesty of her characters in their natural environment carries through in this gritty, yet surprisingly touching portrait of a man struggling to find peace with himself.

At first glimpse Ron "Stray Dog” Hall is hell on wheels. The chain-smoking, moonshine-drinking, bike-riding tough guy Hall is a Vietnam vet running a trailer park in rural Missouri, still fighting off the demons of his days in service. But quickly Hall’s gentle spirit and wounded soul rise to the surface as Stray Dog takes us on a ride along with Hall’s endearing Mexican wife and his crew of Harley-riding gentle giants.

Hall’s raw pain mixed with eternal respect for all of those who fought the fight with him become an open, touching book. Under Granik’s meticulous and loving eyes, his story unfolds. Between concocting his own brand of coffee to standing still in front of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C., Stray Dog is a true slice of Americana that is far more layered than first meets the eye. –Cristin Carlin

Debra Granik is the Academy Award® nominated director and co-writer of Winter’s Bone, which was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture, and won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Granik and co-writer Anne Rosellini were Oscar nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. Her first feature film, Down to the Bone, which was filmed in the Hudson Valley, won Granik the Best Director prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.
Cast/Featuring: Ron "Stray Dog" Hall, Alicia Soriano Hall, Felipe Angel Padilla Soriano, Felipe de Jesús Padilla Soriano
Executive Producer(s): Jonathan Scheuer
Producer(s): Anne Rosellini, Victoria Stewart
Director(s): Debra Granik
Screenwriter(s): Debra Granik
Cinematographer(s): Eric Phillips-Horst, David Fleming, Ryan Piotrowski
Editor(s): Victoria Stewart
Composer(s)/Music: Don Killion, Blackberry Winter
Sound Designer(s): Peter Levin
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