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Young Kieslowski, The
Directed by
Kerem Sanga

USA / 2014 / 94

New York Premiere

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Only Starurday: Kerem Sanga, David Hunter
Reminiscent of Juno (from the male perspective), The Young Kieslowski combines thoughtful writing and creative directing to bring us a quirky yet touching comedic love story of two teens and a pregnancy.

When Brian Kieslowski, a CalTech physics major and a reluctant virgin, meets Leslie Mallard, a self-proclaimed Christian and bible student, they uncharacteristically experience an intimate night of lovemaking. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of Brian losing Leslie’s phone number, the evening turns into a one-night stand and the two go on with their separate lives – until Leslie learns she is pregnant. The earth shattering news brings the teens back together on a turbulent journey of indecisions in which neither they nor the audience can foresee what the outcome will be.

Maintaining an offbeat, humorous style, peppered with awkward situations, amusing dialogue, fanciful imaginings and creative camera work, The Young Kieslowski delivers a touching and thoroughly entertaining story that will capture the hearts of young and old. —Svetlana Krotek

Kerem Sanga began his work in film as a producer and actor in the independent film Stoner (directed by Michael Greene), which premiered at the 2009 Austin Film Festival. That fall, he accepted an Annenberg Fellowship to attend the University of Southern California MFA program in Writing for Screen and Television. In 2011, he completed Trigger Finger, his first feature as director. The Young Kieslowski is his second. He is managed by Ryan Cunningham and Kendrick Tan at Madhouse. Prior to his work in film, Sanga studied Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin.
Cast/Featuring: Ryan Malgarini, Haley Lu Richardson, Joshua Malina, Melora Walters, James Le Gros, Osric Chau, Jessica Lu, John Redlinger
Executive Producer(s): Ben Ross, Chris Colbert
Producer(s): Seth Caplan, Danny Leiner, Dave Hunter, Ross Putman
Director(s): Kerem Sanga
Screenwriter(s): Kerem Sanga
Cinematographer(s): Rick Diaz
Editor(s): Ryan Brown
Production Designer(s): Susannah Lowber
Composer(s)/Music: John Swihart
Sound Designer(s): Trip Brock

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