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Directed by
Merav Elbaz Belschner

USA / 2014 / 13

East Coast Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:
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In A Dream
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SHORTS: Rag Bag.

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Merav Elbaz Belschner
A Dane is pointing a gun to a Writer's head, demanding a story. When The Writer tries to talk his way out of it The Dane leaves him no choice but to give him what he wants. Reluctantly The Writer starts to tell a story, but as the story unfurls a series of events ensues, resulting in The Writer never finishing his story.
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Merav moved to NYC by way of Paris in 1999. She earned her BFA from Hunter College in film and theatre and graduated in 2005 with great hopes of pursuing her dreams as a filmmaker. Merav loved growing up in Israel in the 1990s. She believes that the country, with its troubled history, and controversial political climate cultivates strong, free thinking individuals as well as strong, independent women.

As a proud descendant from 7 generations of Jerusalem storytellers Merav found her place in the booming film and television industry in NYC. After achieving great success as a crew member, working as a costume designer and set costumer on Boardwalk Empire, Noah, Hostages, The Following, Side Effects and many more she is ready to start telling her own stories.

With her passion and dedication for the art of filmmaking, and determination, which have brought Merav thus far, she is looking forward to make her dream of becoming a writer/director a reality.

Cast/Featuring: Terry Kinney, Lukas Hassel, Elvis Nolasco, Josh Green
Executive Producer(s): Joseph Belschner
Producer(s): Tiffany Bartok, Jayce Bartok
Director(s): Merav Elbaz Belschner
Screenwriter(s): Merav Elbaz Belschner
Cinematographer(s): Joseph Beslchner
Editor(s): Vance Tucker
Production Designer(s): Steven Grise
Composer(s)/Music: Joe Savastino
Sound Designer(s): Katherine Jarzebowski
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