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Untitled Film on "World Citizen #1" Garry Davis
Directed by
Arthur Kanegis

USA / 2014 / 77

Work in Progress

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Arthur Kanegis, Melanie Bennett, Jordan Byrne, RLee Garay Roberts
A lost piece of history that gives hope for a fabulous future!

In May, 1948, a US Army flyer who was horrified over having bombed civilians, walked into the US Embassy in Paris and officially gave up his national citizenship. Garry Davis astonished Embassy officials by declaring himself the first citizen of the world. His act galvanized war-weary Europe, and along with his succeeding bold actions, sparked a massive movement which helped pave the way for passage of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Bookended by comments from the incomparable Martin Sheen, this forthcoming documentary tells the inspiring story of a former song-and-dance man and Danny Kaye understudy who devoted his life to promoting peace. Director Arthur Kanegis masterfully uses archival footage along with this Broadway actor’s on-stage mesmerizing storytelling to present one of the most enlightening histories ever to be shown on film – and what Sheen calls “a roadmap to a better future.” Be forewarned: This film may cause you to think that you can change the world!

Writer, producer, director Arthur Kanegis founded FutureWAVE, a non-profit which aims to shift our culture of violence to a culture of peace. He was formerly media director of the Center for Defense Information, an organization of former military officers speaking up for peace. Prior to that, Arthur served seven years at the American Friends Service Committee. He worked on Research and promotion for the Jason Robards ABC movie The Day After and produced a TV spot with Paul Newman that ran during the show. Over 100 million people tuned in – the largest audience ever for a TV movie. It was also shown widely in the Soviet Union, and Ronald Reagan credits it with convincing him that nuclear war was unwinnable, leading to the START talks reducing US and Soviet armaments.
Cast/Featuring: Garry Davis, Martin Sheen, Pierre Berge, Esther Peter Davis, Virginia Davis, Gene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr. , Barbara Marx Hubbard
Executive Producer(s): Geralyn Dreyfous, Robin Lloyd, Stephen Nemeth, Charlotte Perret, Robert Watts
Producer(s): Arthur Kanegis

Associate Producer(s): Mélanie N. Bennett

Consulting Producer(s): Mimi Kennedy, Kurt Engfehr, Judith Ehrlich

Director(s): Arthur Kanegis
Screenwriter(s): Arthur Kanegis
Cinematographer(s): Christian Sautter, Robin Lloyd, Chris Demars
Editor(s): Jordan Byrne, Christian T. Sautter, Scott Brigante
Production Designer(s): RLee Garay Roberts
Composer(s)/Music: David Raiklen
Sound Designer(s): Cinema Libre Studio
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