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Directed by
Khalil Sullins

USA / 2014 / 98

World Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
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Khalil Sullins, Pardis Sullins, Thomas Stroppel, Artie Ahr, Amber Marie Bollinger, Howard Heard, Edward Patrick White
Listening brings us a powerful debut from director Khalil Sullins, as it skirts the sci-fi genre with its own unique storytelling approach and bold cinematic style. Many of us have fantasized about having the power to read minds but a dark side looms.

In this psychological thriller, a group of penniless graduate students think they have solved their financial problems when they invent a new technology that allows them to share each otherís thoughts. What they donít realize is that they have opened up a Pandoraís box that will come crashing down on them. As the experiment destroys their relationships and falls into the wrong hands, the audience is presented with a color-saturated vision of a new reality that twists and turns along the way. ĖSam Robotham

Khalil Sullins was born and raised in San Diego, California. He has been a prolific artist in a wide variety of mediums from a very young age. He graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, receiving a B.F.A. in film. He also studied art and photography at Parsons in both Paris and New York. In 2007, his home burned down in a wild fire, and he lost a lifeís worth of art, scripts and short films. Since then he has had numerous exhibitions of new art, and written screenplays recognized by the Page International Screenwriting Awards, PEI Film Festival, Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, and The Movie Deal screenplay competition. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife.
Cast/Featuring: Thomas Stroppel, Artie Ahr, Amber Marie Bollinger, Christine Haeberman, Steve Hanks, Arn Chorn-Pond
Producer(s): Pardis Sullins, Travis Nicholson, Jamal DeGruy, Khalil Sullins
Director(s): Khalil Sullins
Screenwriter(s): Khalil Sullins
Cinematographer(s): Blake McClure
Editor(s): Howard Heard
Production Designer(s): Alec Contestabile
Composer(s)/Music: Edward Patrick White
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