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White Rabbit
Directed by
Tim McCann

USA / 2013 / 89

East Coast Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
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Robert Yocum, Anthony Di Pietro
Told from the inside out with haunting revelations along the way, we first meet Harlon as a vulnerable three-year old, back to camera, as he endures the abuse of his cruel, homophobic and overbearing father. Growing up in gun country and forced to shoot a white rabbit, Harlon’s world is soon infiltrated by voices and images that take on increasing ferocity as he becomes the target of schoolyard bullies. His only friends are Julie, an emotionally unstable newcomer, and his best friend Stevie, a vulnerable, undersized side kick.

White Rabbit is a voyage into the heart of madness so skillfully drawn we can’t help feeling compassion. Flawless performances coupled with first-rate cinematography in the service of an all too timely subject make this a psychological study you won’t want to miss. This is masterful filmmaking. –Barbara Pokras, ACE

Tim McCann has directed eight independent feature films and won a variety of international awards, at the Toronto Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, and Rotterdam Film Festival. He has worked with actors Robin Tunney, Melissa Leo, Sam Trammell, Spalding Gray and Adrienne Shelly. His first film, Desolation Angels (1996), presented by directors Jonathan Demme and Barbet Schroeder, drew critical acclaim in its theatrical release, landing on several “best films of the year" lists. Revolution #9 (2002) premiered at the Telluride and Toronto International film festivals.Revolution #9 won the 2003 Media Award from the ACNP for its compelling depiction of schizophrenia.
Cast/Featuring: Britt Robertson, Sam Trammell, Ryan Lee, Nick Krause
Producer(s): Shaun Sanghani, Robert Yocum, Jacky Lee Morgan, Benjamin Bickham (co-producer), SSS Entertainment (production company)
Director(s): Tim McCann
Screenwriter(s): Anthony Di Pietro
Cinematographer(s): Alan McIntyre Smith
Editor(s): Tim McCann
Production Designer(s): Nate Jones
Composer(s)/Music: John Vincent McCauley
Courtesy of: SSS Entertainment
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