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Angel Azul
Directed by
Marcelina Cravat

Mexico, USA / 2014 / 71

New York Premiere
In English, and Spanish with subtitles

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Q&A Attendees
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Marcelina Cravat, John Bennett
Artist Jason deCaire Taylor is a passionate environmentalist who is concerned about what the world will look like for future generations. Marcy Cravatís beautifully shot film transports us to an underwater world populated by Taylorís hauntingly life-like statues that give birth to an artificial coral reef designed to restore the ecosystem.

Through stunning underwater cinematography, we see his magical creations in various stages of being transformed by coral, algae and other forms of life. We also experience the mentoring of local artisans in the Yucatan peninsula, where Taylorís project is conceived, and the camaraderie that comes from his labor-intensive plaster casting of real people.

As is often the case, Taylor must play the political game as he seeks to install his sculptures in some of the Earthís most beautiful - and endangered - underwater habitats. ďAngel Azul,Ē like Taylorís moving artistry, forces us to consider our choices and the impact of climate change already being felt around the world. ĖDavid Becker

Marcelina Cravat, trained at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute and the Art Center College of Design. Making a transition from photography to film came later in life when her love for storytelling motivated her to return to school to pursue a career as a writer/director.

Upon graduating, she co-founded ARTiDOCs, a small production company specializing in portrait style documentaries about artists like like Gabriel Russo and went on to found Passelande Pictures LLC. Marcelina grew up around Hollywood sets as daughter of character actor Nick Cravat, Burt Lancasterís life-long chum, circus partner and co-star. She is currently in pre-production for her next film which will start production as soon as she is finished with the festival circuit for Angel Azul.

Cast/Featuring: Jason deCaires Taylor, Dr. Sylvia Earle
Narrator: Peter Coyote
Executive Producer(s): Curt Overway
Producer(s): Marcelina Cravat, Kath Delaney, Erik Johnson, Scout Wise (Assoc Producer)
Director(s): Marcelina Cravat
Screenwriter(s): Marcelina Cravat
Cinematographer(s): Marcelina Cravat, Jason deCaires Taylor, Mario Sanchez Navarro
Editor(s): Marcelina Cravat
Composer(s)/Music: Ian Dolamore, Daniel Fries
Sound Designer(s): John Bennett
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