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They Came at Night
Directed by
Andrew Ellis and Alex Mallis

USA / 2013 / 19:20

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SHORTS: Finding Home.

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Andrew Ellis, Lindsay Branham
In a desperate attempt to return home, an abducted child soldier risks his life to flee from Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) deep in central Africa after years of being forced to fight. When capture appears imminent, he encounters a stranger who must decide whether to help him – risking his own life, and the respect of his community.
Andrew Michael Ellis creates films that highlight injustice and challenge stereotypes through intimate storytelling with award-winning cinematography. His documentary Figure Father grapples with the emotional challenges of reentry from prison, while his quirky comedic portrait documentary Eleanor Ambos Interiors flips ageism and gender stereotypes on their head. As Andrew‚s films tour the film festival circuit he remains committed to film education, teaching cinematography at New York University and creating a film education program for a non-profit in Southern California that works with undocumented immigrants. Andrew is now the full time Director of Photography for Mediastorm, a digital storytelling agency based in Brooklyn. He also co- founded the collective Nomadique. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

They Came at Night is an experimental interweaving of art and social change created to help end Africa’s longest running conflict by encouraging communities in central Africa who have been violently oppressed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to forgive their perpetrators. As the director of They Came at Night, it was my objective to give the audience a hero who challenged their unwillingness to forgive LRA rebel soldiers by creating a story that offers forgiveness as a solution. In twenty minutes, I had to make communities affected by war empathize with the pain a rebel soldier had endured in order to see him, and all the other rebel soldiers hoping to surrender, as valuable human lives. At it’s most basic form, They Came at Night is a piece of love propaganda.

Supervising Producer: Lindsay Branham
Cast/Featuring: Godefroid Maka, Innocente Mbula, Pascale Kumbawo, Emmanuel Anidu, Amandine Namala, Hyacinthe Binisunga, Dieu Merci, Leotine Mbolididie, La Vie Emmanuel
Executive Producer(s): DTJ, Invisible Children
Producer(s): Lindsay Branham
Director(s): Andrew Ellis and Alex Mallis
Screenwriter(s): Michael Koehler
Cinematographer(s): Andrew Ellis
Editor(s): Alex Mallis
Production Designer(s): Gabriela Arp
Composer(s)/Music: Miles Arntzen, Jon Seale
Sound Designer(s): JR Skola
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