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Directed by
Jonathan Van Tulleken

UK / 2013 / 15:35

In English, and Finnish with subtitles

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Throw Down Your Heart
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Camille Gatin
Christmas Eve. An enormous explosion tears through the winter woods of Lapland, burning presents, like festive shrapnel, hurtle through the dusk sky. Santa and his elf, Anthony, have crash-landed, in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night. Itís a perilous situation for the festive duo: all the reindeer are dead except a badly injured Rudolph and the sleigh is a flaming wreck. On top of this Anthonyís best elf friend Jonathan hangs dead in one of the trees and Santa, a brutal taskmaster at the best of times, seems to care only for himself. In fact Santaís not worried at all, heís more interested in celebrating Christmas and not letting some of the treats that survived the crash go to waste.
Jonathan recently directed the entire second series of BAFTA-winning Top Boy for Channel 4. Prior to this he directed the 2nd block of Series 4 of the BAFTA-winning Misfits for Clerkenwell Films and E4 after directing the two final episodes of Series 3. Jonathan is slated to direct the adaptation of his 2010 BAFTA-nominated short film Off Season as his feature debut. Following a degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University, Jonathan graduated from Columbia University Film School with an MFA in film directing and writing. He went on to direct several short films, some of which were included in BBC 3 sketch show Cowards and in Tim Key's 2009 Edinburgh Award Winning show The Slutcracker.
Supervising Producer: Camille Gatin
Cast/Featuring: Tim Key, Tom Basden
Executive Producer(s): BFI
Producer(s): Camille Gatin, Dan McCulloch
Director(s): Jonathan Van Tulleken
Screenwriter(s): Tim Key, Jonathan Van Tulleken
Cinematographer(s): Rob Kitzmann
Editor(s): Immanuel von Bennigsen
Production Designer(s): Beck Rainford
Composer(s)/Music: iZler
Sound Designer(s): Steve Single
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