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Directed by
Alexander Bergmann

Germany / 2013 / 17

New York Premiere
In German with subtitles

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Momentum is a film that deals with conflict in human life. It's about failure and success represented by two intervening principles embodied in men and women. The gist is mutual understanding and the change in life.

The film shows how two young people come together in an unexpected situation in their lives. They see each other for the first time in a library. At a second meeting they notice that they have the same interests and needs. Their initial conversation develops into an intense discussion. Everything revolves around a mysterious book which offers wisdom from an ancient time. Based upon their past experience, they have a difference of opinion about the book's message, which leads to a fundamental disagreement among them. They go their separate ways for the time being. Eventually they begin to acquire a better understanding of each other's position.

Forced to face their own doubts and misgivings, they begin to understand how their different approach to life complements each other. They learn to let go of the past and confidently look to the future.

Born in 1994, Alexander Bergmann is a young filmmaker from Überlingen at Lake Constance in Southern Germany. Early in his career, Alexander was influenced by a highly individual way of mockumentary and avant garde filmmaking in its artistic approach. At the age of 14 he made his first short film for a film festival in Zurich. Henceforth he produced many projects in feature film, advertising and documentation with all aspects of the production process from writing the screenplay to directing and post production. In 2012 Alexander participated at a directors workshop of Roland Suso Richter in Munich. In the same year at the age of 18 Alexander founded the production company Alexander Bergmann Filmproduktion in collaboration with Phil Nylund and Nicolai Rissmann. The short film "Momentum is the directorial debut of Alexander Bergmann and awarded on several international film festivals around the world. Alexander finished his Abitur in spring 2014.
Cast/Featuring: Dimitri Roggon, Sophia Weiß
Producer(s): Jeffrey Van Davis
Director(s): Alexander Bergmann
Screenwriter(s): Alexander Bergmann
Cinematographer(s): Nicolai Rissmann
Editor(s): Alexander Bergmann
Composer(s)/Music: Phil Nylund
Sound Designer(s): Phil Nylund


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