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Winter Morning (Vetrarmorgun)
Directed by
Sakaris Stórá

Faroe Islands / 2014 / 19

East Coast Premiere
In Faroese with subtitles

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SHORTS: Despair.

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Sakaris Stórá
Winter Morning (Vetrarmorgun) is a story about two girls in their early teens whose friendship has led them to a turning point in their lives.

Dealing with love, friendship and identity, the film brings up a universal subject about teenagers struggling with stigmas. Told through the unique atmosphere of a small town community of the Faroe Islands, an isolated archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean.

Born in 1986 and raised in Skopun in the Faroe Islands, Sakaris Stórá took up studies at the Nordland College of Art and Film in Norway in 2007. Upon graduation, he returned to the Faroe Islands to pursue his goal as a screenwriter and director of giving the Faroese language and culture a voice in the film world.

In 2014, his short film Winter Morning (Vetrarmorgun), won the Grand Prize at the Generation program at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Cast/Featuring: Armgarđ Mortensen Helena Heđinsdóttir, Rasmus V. Samuelsen, Sissal Tókadóttir Dahl, Hugin B Knudsen, Jensina Olsen
Producer(s): Ingun i Skrivarastovu
Director(s): Sakaris Stórá
Screenwriter(s): Sakaris Stórá
Cinematographer(s): Virginie Surdej
Editor(s): Steffi Thors
Production Designer(s): Jensina Olsen
Composer(s)/Music: Nikael Blak
Sound Designer(s): Jón McBirnie
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