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Directed by
Davur Djurhuus

Faroe Islands, UK / 2013 / 10

North American Premiere
Precedes CREEP

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Prince of Broadway
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Davur Djurhuus
Children are playing on the playground, while people are making their way to work. It seems to be just another day in the streets of London, except it’s not. A group of Londoners will forever be affected by the actions of one man…
Davur Djurhuus was born in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. His whole life, Davur has been involved in various projects – both in and out of the spotlight. After living in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and Sweden, Davur decided to move to London, where he graduated with a BA in Film & Digital Cinematography from Met Film School in 2013. Although having experienced most roles on a film set, Davur’s passion has always been in writing and directing. He has recently returned from volunteering in Bolivia, and is now planning on continuing pursuing his passion of filmmaking.
Cast/Featuring: Trevor Murphy, Javed Khan, Anthony Mark-Streeter, Nelsy Casallas Adrian Ross-Magenty, Alana Boden, Rosie Cochrane, Sanita Simms, Lesley Cochrane, Charlie Cochrane, Philip C. Philip, Spencer Wilson, Tiarnan O’Sullivan,Mitchell Crosswell, Zak Edwards, Olivia Crosswell
Executive Producer(s): Davur Djurhuus
Producer(s): Davur Djurhuus, Gemma Purkiss
Director(s): Davur Djurhuus
Screenwriter(s): Davur Djurhuus
Cinematographer(s): Nathanael Bauer
Editor(s): Isabella Djalili, Davur Djurhuus
Composer(s)/Music: Sámal Jákup Jakobsen
Sound Designer(s): Davur Djurhuus, Rory Rea


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