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Shepard & Dark
Directed by
Treva Wurmfeld

USA / 2012 / 92

US Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Treva Wurmfeld’s feature documentary premiere Shepard & Dark is the compelling story of playwright, director and actor Sam Shepard and his long-time best friend Johnny Dark. Since 1963, the two have been inseparable- they have nearly half a century of letters, photos, and videos to prove it. While trying to compile their many decades of correspondence into a book, the friends are reminded of all that they have gone through over the years. Together, they have experienced birth, death, marriage, divorce, love, and loss. Now in their late 60s, neither man’s life is in the place he thought he would be when their friendship began. The letters force them to look into the past and confront the choices that they have made, both good and bad.

Through all of the instability and chaos that life has thrown their way, the two men have always had one constant- each other’s unwavering friendship. –Heather Olin

Born in New York City, and raised in lower Manhattan, Treva Wurmfeld is the daughter of two abstract painters. Wurmfeld attended Hunter College in New York where she studied Fine Art, Art History, Philosophy and Anthropology and continued on to receive an MFA in Video Art. While in graduate school, Wurmfeld began filming her first feature-length documentary, "Texas Heart" (currently in production) about two Texas doctors racing to develop the first fully artificial heart.

Wurmfeld wrote and directed the short film "Oyster" (2008) that played at numerous festivals including screening at the Brooklyn Museum. In 2009, Wurmfeld relocated to Los Angeles and began production on "Shepard & Dark" (2012), which is making its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Wurmfeld currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

Cast/Featuring: Sam Shepard, Johnny Dark
Executive Producer(s): Emily Wachtel, Treva Wurmfeld
Producer(s): Amy Hobby
Director(s): Treva Wurmfeld
Editor(s): Sandra Adair, A.C.E.
Composer(s)/Music: Graham Reynolds

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