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Poetry of Resilience
Directed by
Katja Esson

USA / 2011 / 40

East Coast Premiere
Following The Thing That Happened

Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
09/23/2011, 6:45PM
Upstate Films WOODSTOCK
09/25/2011, 4:30PM

2011 winner of WFF Diane Seligman Award for BEST SHORT DOC sponsored by Lowel Light

Listen to "Li Young Chinatown" by Erik V. Hachikian from Poetry of Resilience"

Listen to "Trapped" by Azaz Right from "Poetry in Resilience"

War, genocide and oppression: unfathomable tragedies affect so many and paint a dark portrait of the human condition. And yet, out of atrocity, the beauty of poetry can flow, as those who lived it attempt to make sense of it all. Through the poems and words of six extraordinary artists and a unique visual style, comes director Katja Esson’s deeply contemplative examination of the ever-present questions of violence, society and the reality of being an artist and survivor. Put best by poet Li-Young Lee: "I wish I could say the human spirit is resilient; some days I don’t think so." Shot on location from Hiroshima to Rwanda, we are given an intimate look into the language of the soul and the creative process behind it. And in the end, we come a little closer to understanding the madness of war and how art will flourish in spite of every obstacle. (Patrick Miller)

Katja Esson was nominated for an Academy Award for her film "Ferry Tales," which screened at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2002. Her other credits include "Skydancer," about Mohawk ironworkers, "Vertical Traveler," which explores the pioneering spirit of New York City through the metaphoric story of the city's unique relationship with elevators, "Hole in the Sky," a portrait of New York five years after 9/11, "Latching On," about the politics of breastfeeding in America, and "Hooker, Harlot, Whore," about the history of prostitution in Europe. Her films have screened at film festivals around the world and been broadcast on HBO, PBS and ARTE, among others.

Esson lives in Brooklyn, New York, and divides her time between Germany and the United States.

Executive Producer(s): Jan Warner
Producer(s): Katja Esson Co-Producers: Corinna Sager, Alison Granucci, Sabine Schenk
Director(s): Katja Esson
Screenwriter(s): Katja Esson
Cinematographer(s): Martina Radwan, Ferne Pearlstein, Caspar Stracke
Editor(s): Susanne Schiebler
Composer(s)/Music: Eric v. Hachikian

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