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Made in India
Directed by
Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha

USA / 2010 / 97

US Premiere
In English, and Hindi with subtitles

Screening Times and Venues:
10/01/2010, 5:00PM
Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
10/03/2010, 1:00PM
"Made In India" follows the remarkable story of Lisa and Brian Switzer and their attempts to have the child they feel is needed to complete their family. Unable to have children of their own, and with surrogacy in America costing upwards of $70,000, the couple journey to the Indian sub-continent in order to have their baby.

Told between the points of view of The Switzers and Aasia Khan, the chosen surrogate, directors Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha guide the viewer through the process of surrogate motherhood, examining the effects on both parties. The journey the three people embark on makes for an extraordinary film that at times is more akin to a psychological thriller, inspiring both the family and the viewer to question their moral and ethical scruples, and to wonder whether they could do the same. This extraordinary quest to have a family makes "Made In India" a touching and important document. (Jacob Brades)

Rebecca Haimowitz received her MFA in Filmmaking from Columbia University's Graduate School of the Arts. Her short film, "Follow Me," screened at several international film festivals (including SXSW and Woodstock Film Festival). Haimowitz has directed various short documentary films, including a piece about feminist work in the prison abolition movement, a youth-produced series on over-policing in NYC schools (made for the NYCLU), and "Soundproof," about cochlear implants and deafness in her family.

Vaishali Sinha co-directed the short documentary, "Red Roses," exploring the lives of South Asian women who come to the United States via marriage & family obligations, and "Choose Life?" a short narrative about abortion and personal choice. She is also currently co-directing the film "Kashmir" which documents personal accounts of university students in Kashmir at the brink of graduation in the extremely contentious and politically troubled state of India. Sinha has worked as researcher and editing associate for filmmaker Richard Wormser at Videoline Productions.

Executive Producer(s): Erin Heidenreich, The Fledgling Fund and Chicken & Egg Pictures.
Producer(s): Rebecca Haimowitz, Vaishali Sinha
Director(s): Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha
Cinematographer(s): Adri Thakur, Basia Winograd, Rebecca Haimowitz, Vaishali Sinha
Editor(s): Myles Kane
Composer(s)/Music: Amritha Vaz
Other Credits: Co Executive Producers: The Fledgling Fund and Chicken & Egg Pictures.




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