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Royal Nightmare
Directed by
Alex Budovsky
USA / 2008 / 3:40 minutes

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The latest bit of b&w whimsy from Russian-born animator Alex Budovsky tells the story of an Evil King tormented by a pilgrim who keeps reappearing by the Royal Tower.
Aleksey Budovsky was born in St. Petersbug, Russia. He moved to New York in 1994, where he graduated with a BA from Brooklyn College with an emphasis in film. In 2002, he produced two animated music videos for British musician Stephen Coates, also known as (the real) Tuesday Weld or the Clerkenwell kid. One of the films, "Bathtime in Clerkenwell," (WFF2002) received recognition and awards at many film festivals around the world. In addition to "Last Time in Clerkenwell" (WFF2005) and "Return I Will to Old Brazil," (WFF2006) work includes three animated promos, an educational music film for children (commissioned by MaGiC Studios), and three ads for Lucozade energy drinks. Two of the ads were honored at the British Television Advertising Awards. In 2005, Budovsky produced a 40 second promo for the Krok International Animated Film Festival (Russia/Ukraine).
Director(s): Alex Budovsky
Composer(s)/Music: Stephen Coates

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