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Directed by
Richard Kroehling
USA / 2009 / 92 minutes

World Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Bearsville Theater
10/02/2009, 7:30PM
New York, soon. Technology’s exponential growth is fast and furious. Human life is in the process of being transformed. Mankind stands on the verge of reengineering its biology—merging with the incredibly intelligent machines it has created. Mia 2.0, the world’s first ‘Transbeman’ and her inventor, the eccentric Dr. Tom Mortlake, conduct a bold political experiment designed to prove that human reliance on the fragile flesh body is over and ‘eternal life‘ is at hand.

Set in the near future, "2B" portrays a familiar decaying world on the cusp of great transformation and awesome wonders. The script is based upon real science and evolving technologies. The ‘technohuman’ conundrum is the hottest and most controversial topic of this century. This film is an entertainment designed to jump-start the conversation about the moral and religious questions raised by the bio-tech revolution. What if you could die and live forever?

Writer/director Richard Kroehling is a two-time Emmy-Award-winning director with extensive credits as director, writer and producer in television, music videos, video art and feature film. He directed "Einstein" with William Hurt and "World Without End" on commission by England's Film Four Labs which played in competition at the Amsterdam and Milan International Film Festival, As a screenwriter, Richard's credits include the screenplay "Wicked World" and "Buddha." Richard directed over fifty hours of crime programming for international television audiences. With Eric Nadler, Richard, co-created the controversial TV series "Confessions," hailed as "visionary and stunning" by Entertainment Weekly.
Cast/Featuring: James Remar, Kevin Corrigan, Jane Kim, Florencia Lozano, Hayley Dumond, John Christian Pummer
Executive Producer(s): Martine Rothblatt
Producer(s): Bob Coen, Eric Nadler
Director(s): Richard Kroehling
Screenwriter(s): Richard Kroehling, Eric Nadler, John Christian Plummer
Cinematographer(s): Lisa Rinzler
Editor(s): Angelo Corrao, Russ Green
Composer(s)/Music: Michael Galasso
Sound Editor(s): Marshall Grupp
Other Credits: Mark Russell (Visual Effects)

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