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Unbelievable 4
Directed by
Sukwon Shin / In Pyo Hong
USA / 2008 / 4:20 minutes

Screening Times and Venues:
The Unbelievable4 rock the house, and the senate, and the world!
Sukwon Shin received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts. His thesis project, "Rock the World" was honored in 2005 with many awards including the Silver Medal Student Academy Award for CGI. His passion for animation led him to start working on his second short film, "Unbelievable Four" with MFA alumni In Pyo Hong and Choonhoe Kim. The team completed production in 2008.

In Pyo Hong has been working as a 3d artist since 1999. His work includes the award-winning animation series, "Storyteller CafŸ" and "The Firecrackers." His animated short film, "Public Bath" has won multiple film festival awards.

Cast/Featuring: The unbelievable 4
Producer(s): Sukwon Shin, Yeonjung Kim
Director(s): Sukwon Shin / In Pyo Hong
Screenwriter(s): Sukwon Shin
Cinematographer(s): In Pyo Hong
Other Credits: Choonhoe Kim (art direction)


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