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Overbrook Brothers, The
Directed by
John Bryant
USA / 2009 / 92 minutes

New York Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films I
10/02/2009, 1:00PM
Tinker Street Cinema
10/04/2009, 1:30PM
Bringing sibling rivalry to a whole new level, Jason (Nathan Harlan), an earnest aspiring author and his brother Todd (Mark Reeb), an obnoxious, lascivious bully, act more like five year olds than the thirty-somethings they are. When the two converge for Christmas dinner at their fatherís house in Colorado, tempers flare and fists fly, resulting in a revelation that will send the two on a rather unconventional road trip to uncover their pasts. As the over-competitive brothers trek to Texas, they fight, harass, tease and eventually bond with one another through unfortunate, often hilarious, circumstances.

Writer-director John Bryant crafts a touching, surprising and hugely entertaining tale of sibling rivalry, family bonding, and uncovering one's past. With terrific performances and a hilarious script that creatively blends road movie, coming-of-(middle) age story, comedy and adventure, "The Overbrook Brothers" is not to be missed. (Emily Suttmeier and Alexander Silverberg)

John Bryant was born and raised in Austin, TX. He started "making movies" in Junior High -- recruiting his friends to star in his "films" and using borrowed school equipment to shoot and edit his projects. After premiering his first short film, "Alien Space Monkeys Invade Earth" to a group of 8th Grade students, he knew making movies was what he wanted to do when he "grew up."

John graduated in December 1997 from the University of Texas at Austin with a Radio-Television-Film degree. After a brief stint in Los Angeles, where he pursued a screenwriting career, he returned to his hometown - Austin and began to produce small films for his friends and himself.

Two of his most recent works, the short films "Oh My God" and "Momma's Boy," both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (Oh My God, 2005, Momma's Boy 2006). "Oh My God" went on to win the Prix de Canal+ Award at Europe's largest short film festival (The Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival), and Film Threat named it the best short film of 2005.

After his success in the short-film world, John moved into making features. In 2007 he produced the acclaimed feature "Baghead", written and directed by his longtime colleagues Jay & Mark Duplass. The film world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and was acquired by Sony Picture Classics, who released the film in the summer of 2008. Later, that same year, John had the opportunity to direct his first feature -- a comedy called, "The Overbrook Brothers" -- which was one of eight films selected for the narrative competition in SXSW 2009.

Cast/Featuring: Nathan Harlan, Mark Reeb, Laurel Whitsett, Steve Zissis, John Jones, Kerbey Smith
Executive Producer(s): Tom Borders
Producer(s): Chris Ohlson, John Bryant
Director(s): John Bryant
Screenwriter(s): John Bryant, Jason Foxworth
Cinematographer(s): Mike Washlesky
Editor(s): David Fabelo
Composer(s)/Music: Adam Blau
Sound Editor(s): Gopal Bidari

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