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Without A Home
Directed by
Rachel Fleischer
USA / 2009 / 74 minutes

East Coast Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films II
10/02/2009, 6:45PM
Woodstock Town Hall
10/03/2009, 4:45PM
In the City of Angels, Skid Row, which has a homeless population of around 10,000, seems void of any celestial presence.  Enter filmmaker Rachel Fleischer.  Fueled by her passion for helping the homeless, Fleischer takes to the streets of her native city, armed with only a camera. Over the course of four years, she connects with several homeless individuals, taking the time to listen to each of their stories and documenting them on her camera. Often appearing in front of the camera herself, we watch as Fleischer shifts from listening to her subjects talk about their lives to allowing herself to become an integral part of them.

Providing a voice for these once-voiceless individuals, Fleischer gives her audience an intimate look into the lives of a population that is largely ignored.  Truly inspirational, "Without A Home," demonstrates how a big heart, an open ear and a camera lens can change lives. (Emily Suttmeier)

Rachel Fleischer is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and screenwriter.

The daughter of actor/comedian Charles Fleischer, best known as the voice of Roger Rabbit, Rachel was constantly surrounded by artists and found herself heavily immersed in performing, directing and music from an early age.

In addition to her own filmmaking endeavors, Fleischer has worked alongside award winning directors Alexander Payne ("Sideways") and Brad Silberling ("Lemony Snicket").

Fleischer earned her Bachelor's Degree in Film at the USC School of Cinema. Shortly after graduating, she bought a camera and began documenting the lives of the homeless throughout Los Angeles.

Her four-year emotional and extraordinary journey became the award-winning documentary "Without A Home," her first feature film. The film has garnered the support of directors David Lynch, Robin Swicord and Alexander Payne, amongst other notable activists and artists.

Fleischer has a featured blog on The Huffington Post where she continues to tell the stories of the homeless.

In addition to her work as a writer and director, Fleischer is a musician, actress and an avid photographer.

Cast/Featuring: Eduardo Castro, Flor Chacon, Rachel Fleischer, Thalia Guerra, Aric Leavitt, Gilbert Partida, Krista Partida, Mike Rodriguez, Tina Sedlacek, Tracy C. Young, Tracy Young Jr.
Producer(s): Rachel Fleischer, Joanna Adler
Director(s): Rachel Fleischer
Cinematographer(s): Rachel Fleischer, Jimmy Fusil
Editor(s): Sally Rubin, Max Goldblatt
Composer(s)/Music: Jacques Brautbar
Sound Editor(s): Steve Davis, Richard "Tricky" Kitting, Sonic Magic Studios

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