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Narrative Feature  





Directed by
Jared Drake
USA / 2008 / 94 minutes

East Coast Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Rosendale Theater
10/04/2008, 4:45PM
Tinker Street Cinema
10/05/2008, 3:30PM
When it comes to low budget science fiction, few films cut as cleverly close to home as Jared Drake's smart and savvy political satire. In a bleak, futuristic society in which citizens are known to spontaneously combust from stress, George Washington Winsterhammerman, a lonely pen pusher, desperately searches for happiness. Now finding his wife unattractive and losing his desire to comply with the norm, George wanders idly witnessing as all of the world's happiness literally begins to shift into being a corporate computerized product and dreams are a think of the past. That is until the day he decides to take matters into his own hands . . . Drake's quirky and unique deadpan approach to comedy makes this poignant debut a kind of "1984" meets "Office Space." Perfectly supported by a well-honed central performance from comedian Zach Galifianakis, "Visioneers" is a one-of-a-kind gut-buster that needs to be seen to be believed. (Mike Lerman)
Fireside Film is a privately-owned, Los Angeles-based company established in January 2006 by Jared Drake, Brandon Drake, Julia Boehringer, and Damon LeGarde for the purposes of developing and a vehicle to house projects internally in order to maintain a strong, clear vision. Fireside producing theatrical motion pictures. The company serves as aims to explore the challenges, problems, and joys that life has to offer in an attempt to reveal fresh perspectives on the human condition in a way that is both entertaining and meaningful.

"Visioneers" is their first feature film and they are proud to be presenting it.

Cast/Featuring: Zach Galifianakis, Judy Greer, Missi Pyle, Mia Maestro, James LeGros
Executive Producer(s): Kurt Dalton, Henry Lowenfels
Producer(s): Henry Capanna, James Henney, Jory Weitz
Director(s): Jared Drake
Screenwriter(s): Brandon Drake
Cinematographer(s): Dino Parks
Editor(s): Justine Halliday
Composer(s)/Music: Tim DeLaughter

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