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American Swing
Directed by
Matthew Kaufman and Jon Hart
USA / 2007 / 80:47 minutes

US Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Town Hall
10/03/2008, 10PM
Outrageous. Hilarious. Provocative. None of these adequately describe Matty Kauffman and Jon Hart's sex documentary "American Swing." In the 1970's the New York club scene was full of all types of exotic places. For swingers, Plato's Retreat was home. Sitting on the throne of the swinging scene was Larry Levinson: the King of Swing and owner of Plato's. During the club's operation from 1977 to 1985, Larry and his gang of swinging couples, inquisitive singles and celebrities of all kinds enjoyed dancing, drinking, drugs and, of course, the live group sex. Despite attacks from the media, politicians, the IRS and finally the Mayor of New York, Larry responded to his critics with a sometimes jovial, always honest defense of the lifestyle. Featuring in-depth interviews with staff and guests of Plato's Retreat, media and government officials, and uncensored video and pictures of the club at its height, "American Swing," tells the tale of the rise and fall of swing life. (Gabriel Meyers)
Mathew Kaufman
Mathew Kaufman is the director and producer of this controversial new documentary feature, "American Swing," from HDNet films and Magnolia Pictures.

"American Swing" is the latest non-fiction work from Kaufman. Other productions include: "The Messengers," a two-show special edition of ABC News' Nightline, which followed three teenage boys competing to be named the best young evangelical preacher in America. The award-winning feature, "Domestic Differences," which chronicled South Africa's first democratic presidential election, and the intimately intertwined lives of two families, one black, one white, as history sprung up around them. It played in many festivals, and was subsequently broadcast nationally on PBS. Previously, Kaufman's short, "Swap Meat," which traces the journey of meat, from farm to plate, played both international and domestic festivals, and was featured on the PBS series "Short Cuts."

A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Mathew currently runs Zip Dog Productions, where he directs original short-form documentaries, as well as creates commercial and corporate multimedia projects for clients, including Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, American Express, and Sotheby's.

Jon Hart
Jon Hart, the director and producer of "American Swing," is a veteran journalist. He has been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The New York Post, Time Out New York, Maxim, Details and The Village Voice. Hart's specialty is guerilla journalism, first-person participatory pieces. In the television realm, Hart has written for MTV and ESPN. A native of New York City, Hart graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in Political Science.

Executive Producer(s): Jason Kliot & Joana Vicente
Producer(s): Gretchen McGowan and Christian Hoagland
Director(s): Matthew Kaufman and Jon Hart
Cinematographer(s): Christian Hoagland
Editor(s): Keith Reamer
Composer(s)/Music: Jim Coleman
Sound Editor(s): Yessian Music
Magnolia Pictures  

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