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At the Edge of the World
Directed by
Dan Stone, Patrick Gambuti Jr.(co-director)
USA, Antarctica / 2008 / 96:13 minutes

US Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Town Hall
10/03/2008, 5:15PM
Upstate Films II
10/04/2008, 4:15PM
Forty-six volunteers, seven cameramen, two ships and one dedicated Canadian activist set out for Antarctica with one mission in mind: to save whales from Japanese hunters posing as researchers. Like a band of eco-pirates, controversial activist Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd crew put their lives on the line for their work, employing guerilla-style tactics to prevent the whalers from illegally killing the whales for their meat, a delicacy in Japan. Director Dan Stone and his film crew expertly capture every moment of this unbelievable story. "At the Edge of the World" immerses the audience into the life and death struggle in the unforgiving Antarctic seascape. Stone captures the swings of emotion including the anxiety for missing crew members, the adrenaline rush before an attack on the Japanese ships, and the ecstasy of victory when they've succeeded. With gorgeous cinematography, featuring stunning aerial shots of Antarctica's chillingly beautiful landscapes, "At the Edge of the World" is sure to captivate any audience. (Emily Suttmeier)
After graduating from The Wharton School with an MBA, Dan Stone worked on Wall Street and subsequently wrote two non-fiction books, "How to Invest in the Market" and "April Fools: The Rise and Collapse of Drexel Burnham." Over the years, he has consulted as a research director, taught at the university level and coached a variety of sports.

His executive producer credits include the ESPN series, "Knight School," featuring Coach Bob Knight and the upcoming "Whale Wars" series on Animal Planet.

In addition to "At the Edge of the World," Dan and his brother Craig are near completion on another non-fiction film, "The World Away" - with the upcoming 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, they are bringing attention to the contrast between the extraordinary American space program and the horrific V2 rocket factory from which the space program was born. Also in production are a youth comedy, "Don't Bet On It," a feature dealing with faith & doubt, "Give Us This Day," and a family-oriented fantasy, "Conner's Tale - The Three Worlds."

Cast/Featuring: Paul Watson, Alex Cornelissen and the crew members of the Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter
Executive Producer(s): Dan and Craig Stone
Producer(s): Dan Stone
Director(s): Dan Stone, Patrick Gambuti Jr.(co-director)
Cinematographer(s): Daniel Fernandez, Tim Gorski, Simeon Houtman, James Joyner, Jonathan Kane, Mathieu Mauvernay, Rip Odebralski
Editor(s): Patrick Gambuti Jr., Kurt Engfehr
Composer(s)/Music: Jeff Gibbs, Tierro Lee
Sound Editor(s): Patrick Donahue, Andrey Netboy


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