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Happy Birthday Harris Malden
Directed by
Sweaty Robot
USA / 2008 / 81 minutes

Preceded by DREAM GIRL

East Coast Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films I
10/03/2008, 9:45PM
Woodstock Town Hall
10/04/2008, 10PM
When Harris Malden was a boy he was involved in a fire that left him scarred both physically and emotionally. Every morning since, he has faked his facial hair by applying ridiculous mustaches and goatees with a marker. His friends and family have all played along, understanding Harris does it to hide the scars of the tragedy. But on the day of Harris Malden's twenty-fifth birthday everything changes. The first feature from Philadelphia based sketch comedy group Sweaty Robot, "Happy Birthday Harris Malden," is a touching and hilarious meditation on friendship and honesty. Fans of 2006s "The Orange Thief" will appreciate the exceptionally quirky oeuvre of the film's singular performances and quick wit along with all the magical realism that comes with them. The five-man troupe's unusually conversational style of comedy paired with their original visual sensibility, both in camera work and production design, makes this low-budget independent feature one of the most unique offerings in the festival this year. (Mike Lerman)
Sweaty Robot (Juan Cardarelli, Ben Davidow, Nick Gregorio, Eric Levy and Matthew Sanchez) is a group of young filmmakers from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area who all saved up their pennies and quit their jobs, putting their money where their collective mouths are to produce their first feature length film. These five long-time friends spent the last year developing their film-making talents, producing, directing, shooting, acting-in and editing over fifteen short films and thirty episodes of their video podcast, "The Sweaty Robot Show." They have the ability to take a project from inception to completion entirely in-house thanks to their backgrounds in film, animation, graphic design and digital media.
Cast/Featuring: Nick Gregorio, Eric Levy, Juan Cardarelli, Brigitte Hagerman
Executive Producer(s): Sweaty Robot
Producer(s): Sweaty Robot & Chris Dinicolas
Director(s): Sweaty Robot
Screenwriter(s): Sweaty Robot
Cinematographer(s): Matthew Sanchez
Editor(s): Sweaty Robot
Composer(s)/Music: Jesse Novak
Sound Editor(s): Sweaty Robot & Tim Day

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