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Hi, My Name Is Ryan
Directed by
Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose
USA / 2008 / 78 minutes

New York Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Bearsville Theater
10/04/2008, 11:30AM
Upstate Films II
10/05/2008, 8:00PM
You've never met a boy quite like Ryan Avery, the Clown Prince of the downtown Phoenix art scene. Originator of over nearly two dozen musical and theatrical projects, including a thrash band called Father's Day, an improv troupe dubbed Catorce and an onstage personal diary entitled Silverchair, Ryan has plenty of outlets for his personal feelings in creative work. In Paul Eagleston's and Stephen Rose's sidesplittingly hilarious documentary, the history, hopes, fears, desires and dirty little secrets of Ryan Avery are exposed and presented with perfect pop gusto. As the film bounces through interviews with everyone from Ryan's friends to his arch nemesis, you'll find it impossible not to get wrapped up in his love for everything eccentric in this touching portrait of a unique artist with an unparalleled lust for life. (Michael Lerman)
Paul Eagleston's company Random Jones develops eclectic properties ranging from greeting cards to filmed entertainment. "Hi My Name is Ryan" is his feature film directorial debut, though he's written, directed or produced several television shows and independent films including a children's show featuring live talking ponies.

Stephen Rose trained as a painter and musician before focusing on film. He received a BA in Film Studies from the University of Utah. He has worked as writer, director, cinematographer and editor on independent film and television projects. Stephen taught Film Production at Salt Lake Community College from 2003 to 2007.

Cast/Featuring: Ryan Avery, Emily Spetrino-Murtagh, Andrew Jemsek, Tristan Jemsek, Wayne Michael Reich
Executive Producer(s): Michael Dana
Producer(s): Paul Eagleston, Stephen Rose
Director(s): Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose
Cinematographer(s): Paul Eagleston, Stephen Rose
Editor(s): Paul Eagleston, Stephen Rose


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