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Dream Girl
Directed by
Michael Vincent
USA / 2008 / 12:47 minutes


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Happy Birthday Harris Malden
What is prettier, a Diamond or a Flower? One is hard and can cut anything and the other is soft and delicate. Or are they of equal value and for that matter does an answer even exist? Come take a trip with us and into the spirit of a girl who has as many questions as yellow taxi cabs. Her day begins on the crowded city streets and a routine trip to the bookstore. Where she ends up no one really knows but it is quite an experience getting there.
Michael Vincent was born in a farm house in Pennsylvania and raised by his grandparents in a valley with a stream that ran through it. His early interest in film came from watching the hundreds of films that his grandfather copied from the local drug store. As a young child his mother moved him and his younger brother to the shores of Annapolis Maryland. With the huge VHS camcorder that his grandfather gave him he started filming everything he could and made friends by making movies. During high school Vincent convinced the Manager of the local art Cinema to let him be a projectionist though state law prohibited this by anyone under 18. He made the bargain by selling tickets, making popcorn and starting the movies all by himself which was easy since the usual attendance was about 3 and their teeth were often too soft for popcorn. After High School Michael began filming sailing races for the local yacht club and tediously editing the often tiresome footage into somewhat exciting material. Finally he was offered an internship on a film in New York, so he found an apartment on craigs list and took the chinatown bus the next day to the big city. Working 18 hour days in 100 plus degree heat in a studio warehouse in brooklyn during the month of August Vincent was reassured that he had found his calling. He tattooed Film Maker on his body and vowed that that is what he must do. Ever since he has resided in New York finding work with Directors with whom he holds the highest respect. Michael has worked for auteurs Larry Fessenden, Kelly Reichardt, Glenn McQuaid, Robert Pulcini, Sheri Springer Berman and James Felix Mckenney as well as underground Film Maker Richard Sandler. He mostly makes his living now in the editing room but every free moment is spent creating his own work and his latest film 'Dream Girl' is the result of that over the course of a year.
Cast/Featuring: Abby French, Trina Rose, Sabina French, Simone Lauren Gabriela
Producer(s): Michael Vincent, Lauren Gabriela
Director(s): Michael Vincent
Screenwriter(s): Michael Vincent
Cinematographer(s): Michael Vincent
Editor(s): Michael Vincent
Composer(s)/Music: Trevor Williams




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