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Directed by
Philip Dorling
USA / 2008 / 15:30 minutes
New York Film Academy

World Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
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Predisposed Shorts.
Woodstock Community Center
10/03/2008, 5:15PM
Woodstock Community Center
10/05/2008, 5:45PM
Eli, on the big day of his college interview, has one small task to tend to before he can secure his scholarship. He has to take his mother Penny to rehab. When they learn that she cannot be admitted unless she is physically intoxicated, everything changes.
Philip was born and raised in Woodstock, NY. He's always had a vivid imagination and a knack for telling stories which led him to exploring filmmaking at age 15. A slew of short films have ranged from documentaries to animation and now narratives. For several years, Philip has been working closely with mentor and now collaborator Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia," "The Painted Veil," "Soldier's Girl"). As a filmmaker, he wants to explore the human experience, good and bad with a determination to portray a very realistic outlook on social issues.
Cast/Featuring: Melissa Leo, Ethan Downing, Joe James, Christy Lee Hughes, George Radel, Frank Romaniello, Thora Sweeny-Pawski
Executive Producer(s): Lisa Dorling
Producer(s): Philip Dorling, Ron Nyswaner
Director(s): Philip Dorling
Screenwriter(s): Philip Dorling, Ron Nyswaner
Cinematographer(s): Alex Kosutic
Editor(s): Philip Dorling, Alex Kosutic
Composer(s)/Music: Philip Doring
Sound Editor(s): Dexter Taylor

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