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Let the Right One In
Directed by
Tomas Alfredson
Sweden / 2008 / 114 minutes

in Swedish with English subtitles
Screening Times and Venues:
Tinker Street Cinema
10/03/2008, 10PM
Oskar is having a tough time at school. A strange and quiet boy, Oskar finds himself without any friends and worse yet, he's constantly tortured by a vicious pack of bullies. When the beautiful and mysterious Eli moves into the apartment next-door, Oskar finds himself with a new, yet reluctant friend who teaches him to stand up to his tormentors. However, Eli holds a dark secret. Blood-drained bodies soon begin turning up all over town. Visionary director Tomas Alfredson puts a unique spin on the classic vampire genre, subtly keeping the traditional conventions, while introducing themes of innocence, companionship and first loves. Far from simply a horror film, the result is a coming of age tale, using vampirism as a simple tool to tell the common lessons of friendship and trust that life teaches all of us. "Let the Right One In" recalls classics like "My Life as a Dog" to create a clever, patient and ultimately touching work with a killer ending, that will most surely chill its way into your heart. (Mike Lerman)
Tomas Alfredson (born in 1965) is an autodidact filmmaker from Stockholm who has directed series television as well as feature films. Alfredson's acclaimed 2004 feature "Four Shades of Brown" (Fyra nyanser av brunt) received four National Film Awards (Guldbagge). The film premieres in Rotterdam. He is a member of the comedy group Killinggynget, with whom he wrote the script for "Four Shades of Brown."
Cast/Featuring: Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson, Per Ragnar, Henrik Dahl, Karin Bergquist, Peter Carlberg
Producer(s): John Nordling, Carl Molinder
Director(s): Tomas Alfredson
Screenwriter(s): John Ajvide Lindqvist
Cinematographer(s): Hoyte vaj Hoytema
Editor(s): Dino Jonsater, Tomas Alfredson
Composer(s)/Music: Johan Soderqvist
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