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Natural Causes
Directed by
Alex Cannon, Paul Cannon and Michael Lerman
USA / 2008 / 92 minutes


New York Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Town Hall
10/03/2008, 12PM
Upstate Films II
10/04/2008, 2:00PM
David falls for Shaina at first sight, resulting in a brief, but to David, very meaningful relationship. Not long after it ends, though, Shaina's old roommate Cara bumps into David, cautiously they begin falling for each other. But David and Cara are both haunted by the failed relationship he had with her old roommate, coloring their chances for true love. As the cracks begin to show in their romance, they have to make decisions about whether they both want the same things out of life. The question is raised, "Can your first love, be your last love... or are all early relationships doomed to fail until you know what you are looking for?" Reminiscent of angst-ridden love, we can all relate to this story in some way. (Alexandra Berger)
Alex Cannon has worked professionally on a variety of films, including Todd Solondz's "Palindromes." Currently working in publishing as a literary agent's assistant, "Natural Causes" is his feature-length directorial debut.

Michael Lerman is a programmer for the Woodstock Film Festival and Philadelphia Film Festival as well as a frequent contributor to indieWIRE. This is his directorial debut.

Paul Cannon works in Post Production for New Line Cinema. This is his directorial debut.

Cast/Featuring: Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Leah Goldstein, Shonda Leigh Robbins, Kate MacCluggage, Peter Davenport Swan, Robinson Martinez, Michael Tully, Alex Cannon, Michael Lerman, Paul Cannon
Executive Producer(s): Dave Boyle, Michael Lerman
Producer(s): Alex Cannon, Michael Lerman, Paul Cannon
Director(s): Alex Cannon, Paul Cannon and Michael Lerman
Screenwriter(s): Alex Cannon, Paul Cannon, Michael Lerman
Cinematographer(s): Asif Siddiky
Editor(s): Alex Cannon, Michael Lerman, Paul Cannon, Dave Boyle
Composer(s)/Music: Jake Riehle, Neil Benezra


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