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Concert: Earl Slick and Saphin are The EONS
Colony Cafe
10/03/2008, 9:30pPM
$ 25

An amazing blend of Slick's searing guitars and Saphin's soaring vocals set the back drop for The Eons. These works are guitar driven-rock masterpieces encompassing a musical spectrum from Retro to Future! Rock legend Earl Slick is a guitarist and producer best known for his collaboration with David Bowie over the past three decades (Diamond Dogs Tour, David Live, Young Americans, Station to Station, more recently, Bowie's Heathen and Reality). Notable records like Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey with Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Slick has worked with a string of artist like Jim Diamond, Robert Smith (The Cure), Martha Davis (Motels), Royston Langdon (Space Hog), to name a few. Since his first deal with Warner Brothers, Saphin continues to rise as a respected and accomplished singer/songwriter/performer and producer. His caricature driven concepts such as the ongoing saga of Tim Essquare or Tim E., are groundbreaking, multimedia extravaganza's crafted for the masses that suck the audience into a Saphin's vivid visions via video interaction and ominous rocking. Slick and Saphin deliver driving, edgy rock performances in an innovative, evocative and altogether seductive sonic and visual package ready for silver screens, tv screens and arena stages alike.

This collaboration has already produced the current fan favorite Secrets, featured in the Woodstock Film Festival's featured short Predisposed. You can find Slick on the web at Saphin's at his award winning website and The Eons at

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