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Guest of Cindy Sherman
Directed by
Paul H-O and Tom Donahue
USA / 2008 / 88 minutes

Preceded by VENEER
Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films I
10/03/2008, 2:30PM
Woodstock Town Hall
10/04/2008, 7:15PM
Many of you may think you know all there is to know about the famous 90's photographer/film director Cindy Sherman, but think again. Told from the incredibly fresh perspective of Paul H-O, the host of the provocative public access television show "GalleryBeat," "Guest of Cindy Sherman" tells the story of a series of in-depth interviews that turned into a love affair between H-O and Sherman. Their relationship quickly soured when H-O began to realize that he was starting to lose his public identity, becoming no more than Cindy Sherman's plus one. This uniquely personal and comprehensive document exposes the fragility of one man's ego in the light of fame and fortune. Co-directed by H-O himself, along with director Tom Donahue, "Guest of Cindy Sherman" paints a vibrant portrait of the ever-changing New York art scene as a backdrop to a torrent and destructive relationship between two key figures of the time. (Mike Lerman)
Paul H-O was an exhibiting artist and independent producer and curator from 1975 until 1995. He created three large-scale multidisciplinary art events, "I.Mannequin" (1980), "National Offense" (1982), and "San Francisco Science Fiction." In New York, H-O created and directed "GalleryBeat Television" from 1993 until 2002. He served on the artist committee for Visual Aids from 1992-94. H-O has also written feature articles and art criticism for Artnet Magazine, Art in America, The Surfer's Journal, and Very.

Tom Donahue is prepping his feature narrative debut, "Beard's Creek." He made his directorial debut in 2005 with the short "Thanksgiving." His production credits include Ramin Bahrani's "Man Push Cart." In 2003, Donahue produced and edited the award-winning "Washington Heights" (WFF 2002).

Cast/Featuring: Cindy Sherman, Eric Bogosian, John Waters, Paul H-O, David Furnish, Carol Kane, Molly Ringwald, Eli Broad, Eric Bogosian, Gaby Hoffman, Robert Longo
Producer(s): Paul H-O, Tom Donahue, Anura Idupuganti
Director(s): Paul H-O and Tom Donahue
Cinematographer(s): Dane Lawing
Editor(s): Tom Donahue


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