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Directed by
Michael Langan
USA / 2007 / 6:10 minutes

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Little White Lie
Before reaching spiritual enlightenment, one sweater-vested young man must face a dancing Oldsmobile, endure a boozy encounter with God on a frozen tundra, as well as brush his teeth, comb his hair, floss, Q-Tip, and lather and shave simultaneously. "Doxology" combines groundbreaking stop-motion animation techniques and unusual storytelling with the time-honored quest for spiritual awakening.
Michael Langan grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, where he began his artistic career as a professional stage actor. He returned to his New England birthplace in 2003 to attend the animation program at Rhode Island School of Design, completing "Doxology" as his thesis film. He is currently the director of video and animation at Upper Playground in San Francisco.
Cast/Featuring: Michael Langan, Bob Bernstein, Josh Jordan, Adam Mazer, Dylan Tirocchi
Director(s): Michael Langan

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