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Blind Spot
Directed by
Adolfo Doring
USA / 2008 / 93 minutes

US Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Bearsville Theater
10/03/2008, 12PM
Upstate Films II
10/05/2008, 6PM
Just a year ago, "Blind Spot," Adolfo Doring's meticulous chronology of the global impact surrounding the coming depletion of fossil fuel, might have been less compelling viewing. Not so now. Supported by a thoughtful, nearly Mahler-esque score by Randall Wallace, and opening with a quote by Albert Einstein, "...World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones," Doring and a host of experts lead us down the road towards understanding the inevitable consequences of our energy use on our lives and the life of the planet.

Along the way, the case is made that, what is required of us is nothing short of the "rethinking of what it means to be human." Beautifully shot and intelligently edited, this is sobering, effective and necessary viewing for every politician - indeed, for anyone having the courage to confront and prepare for a future without oil. (Barbara Pokras, A.C.E)

Adolfo Doring is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked in the film industry for many years, directing many music videos for artists like Sting, Santana, Bon Jovi, the Dixie Chicks and Savage Garden. He was also the Director of Photography on the Oscar-nominated documentary "Capturing the Friedmans." After the critical success of his dramatic feature film "Metro," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006, he has gone on to make three feature-length documentaries: "The Trial of the St. Patrick's Four," "Got Stem Cells?," and his most current documentary "Blind Spot." He is currently working on completing "Karaoke Man: The Life and Times of Super Bad Brad," a twelve-year-in-the- making documentary, which began as a ten-minute, multiple-award-winning short. He is currently shooting "Thinly Veiled," a new dramatic feature film due out next year.
Executive Producer(s): Randall Wallace, David Gil
Producer(s): Amanda Zackem
Director(s): Adolfo Doring
Cinematographer(s): Adolfo Doring
Editor(s): Adolfo Doring
Composer(s)/Music: Randall Wallace

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