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Documentary Feature  





Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten
Directed by
Julien Temple
UK / 2006 / 123 minutes

Screening Times and Venues:
Rosendale Theater
10/12/2007, 9:45PM
Tinker Street Cinema
10/13/2007, 9:15PM
Taking his message through time and fame, Joe Strummer embodied all that punk could be. Director Julien Temple invites you to jump down the rabbit hole into the world of 70s London, where Strummer and his mates formed their first band. Thus begins a raucous and intimate ride through time, chronicling the rise and fall of the Clash, Strummer's political devotion to punk, and his post-Clash creation, the Mescaleros.

Perhaps the most influential punk band ever, The Clash took the world by storm in the early 80s with Strummer at the lead with a call to arms against the corrupt bourgeoisie. Strummer's life and musical clout, however, resonate long after the last chords of London Calling.

The film includes footage that spans the full length of his career along with intimate interviews from band-mates and those he influenced. Beautifully put together and utterly fearless, Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten will leave you utterly exhilarated. (Cait Van Damm)

A graduate of the National Film School, British director/screenwriter Julien Temple is noted for his music-oriented features and documentaries. He first gained critical acclaim with his 1980 rockumentary look at the Sex Pistols in "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle". Fictional features include "Earth Girls Are Easy" (1989) and "Bullet" (1996).
Cast/Featuring: Joe Strummer, Bono, Steve Buscemi, John Cusak, Peter Cushing, Matt Dillion, Johnny Depp, Bernie Rhodes, Don Letts
Producer(s): Anna Campeau, Alan Moloney, Amanda Temple
Director(s): Julien Temple
Screenwriter(s): Niven Howie, Mark Reynold, Tobias Zaldua
Cinematographer(s): Ben Cole
Sound Editor(s): Ben Meechan
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