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Documentary Feature  





Black White & Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe
Directed by
James Crump
USA / 2007 / 77 minutes

Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Town Hall
10/12/2007, 12:00PM
Rosendale Theater
10/13/2007, 2:15PM
At the epicenter of the New York punk-arts scene was a unique trio of characters. Sam Wagstaff, Robert Maplethorpe, and Patti Smith had a complicated, intricate and powerful relationship that rocked the worlds of music and art. Neatly weaving the messy pieces together without sacrificing any of its complexities, James Crump pries open the the world of burgeoning art and social conflict while keeping us engaged in a fascinating story. With the magnificent cinematography, the audience is swept through the engrossing life of Sam Wagstaff, an enigmatic curator and collector who changed the face of art by bringing controversial and previously neglected art into play. But Wagstaff's legacy goes beyond this; in the 70s, Wagstaff launched Maplethorpe into stardom and thus began an extraordinary, influential art world relationship. Patti Smith provides insightful interviews into their lives and relationships, keeping the film accessible and intimate.
James Crump is a writer, producer and director. Crump holds Ph.D. in art history from University of New Mexico and has served as curator of photography at the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research. He has written extensively about art and photography and is the author of F. Holland Day: Suffering the Ideal (1995) and George Platt Lynes: Photographs from the Kinsey Institute (1993) among numerous other publications. He lives in New York.
Cast/Featuring: Dominick Dunne, Patti Smith, Eugenia Parry, Clark Worswick, Ralph Gibson, Joan Juliet Buck (narrator)
Executive Producer(s): Stanley Buchthal, David Koh, Maja Hoffmann
Producer(s): James Crump
Director(s): James Crump
Cinematographer(s): Chris Felver
Editor(s): Dave Giles, William Davis
Composer(s)/Music: J. Ralph
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