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See It Hear First presents
The Rosewood Thieves
and O.T.I.S
Colony Cafe
10/13/2006, 8:45PM
$ 15



Spearheaded by singer/songwriter Erick Jordan, the Rosewood Thieves are: Mackenzie Vernacchio (organ, Wurlitzer), Will Frish (guitar, backing vocals), Richard Ray (bass), and Mark Bordenet (drums). The band's latest EP From the Decker House is a collection of songs that harks back to the classicality of acts such as the Band and Bob Dylan.

From the Decker House captures cityscapes like New York City and Los Angeles. Jordan reflects upon the world around him. It's as simple as that. Other tracks tap into a broken heart, but not in that familiar kind of way.

"I like to write about people and places and develop story-oriented songs," he said. "They're not all true obviously, but they're all based on pretty prominent things."

From the Decker House also includes performances by drummer Otto Hauser (Devendra Banhart, Vetiver), pedal steel guitarist Mike Daly (Whiskeytown), and vocalist Blake Hazard.

Listen to The Rosewood Thieves online at

O.T.I.S opens for The Rosewood Thieves at 8:45
While on holiday as a new born in New York City, Jesse's family was wiped out by a tragic deep fryer accident at Sam's Falafel, and during the chaos that ensued, was accidentally abandoned in a giant pita pocket. Luckily, a stray pack of gay Broadway understudies found him and raised him as their own on the mean streets of the West Village. He became a theater rat, literally, living off of the left over cheese always in abundance on Broadway. He learned every note and every word of every Lloyd Webber and Fosse production, finally deciding that Broadway musicals are absolute fucking trash. So he headed East, where he discovered nothing. Then, one day while selling trucker hats outside the Mars Bar on 1st and 1st, he met Craig and O.T.I.S. was born.

Listen to them online at

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The Felice Brothers and The Sad Little Stars
Colony Cafe
10/14/2006, 9:30PM
$ 10



The Felice Brothers
"No one is doing what Felice is Doing" (BBC Radio)
"You gotta love a group with an accordian, a kazoo and a cowbell."

Simone, Ian and James Felice are the oldest sons of seven children born to a carpenter and a seamstress in the Catskill Mountains. Their first two albums, Through These Reins and Gone/Iantown, were released this summer to critical acclaim. They live and sing together in a 1987 shortbus. If you like Dylan and acoustic Cobain, you'll love this show!

For more about the Felice Brothers, listen to them on My Space


The Sad Little Stars
"Electronic beats and keyboard swirls allowed the Stars to go from sounding like a Strokes-ish indie rock band to a shadowy cabaret act to brokenhearted bedroom crooners in just minutes." (The Washington Post)

Formed in New York City in 2002, The Sad Little Stars began with Max Low and Rachel McIntosh on vocals and various instruments. Their first release, The Stars Below, is a 15-song recording released in 2003, which they performed as a two-piece for years, using pedals to record and loop individual parts live on the spot while moving from instrument to instrument. In anticipation of the release of their second record, The Stop Motion Breakdown, they've expanded their live show to include three incredible musicians; Woodstock's Jeffry Harrigfeld on drums, Tom Longobardi on bass and Riley McMahon on guitar, allowing Rachel and Max to style on synths and vocals.

The Sad Little Stars are currently performing at venues in NY, DC and Boston.

For more about The Sad Little Stars, listen to them on My Space



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