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The Mitch Show
Directed by
Mitchell Rose
USA / 2006 / 60 minutes

Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Community Center
10/14/2006, 9:45PM
THE MITCH SHOW is a retrospective of comedic short films spanning the comedic oeuvre of not-dead filmmaker Mitchell Rose. There's a high probability that the program will also include several comedic pieces that use audience participation.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Mitchell Rose was a New York-based performance artist specializing in comedic work. The New York Times called him: "A rare and wonderful talent... Woody Allen, with more than a dash of Abbie Hoffman thrown in." The Washington Post wrote that his work was "in the tradition of Chaplin, Keaton, and Tati--funny and sad and more than the sum of both."

Eventually he was drawn more to visual media and chose to become a filmmaker, entering The American Film Institute as a Directing Fellow. Since A.F.I., his films have won forty-eight film festival awards and are screened around the world on television and in locations as diverse as the Getty Museum and the CBS JumboVision in Times Square.

Mr. Rose is the former housemate of Paris Hilton. Let the art begin.

Elevator World
1999/USA/4 minutes
A computer-animated essay on the spatial politics of elevator riding.

Modern Daydreams
2001/USA/15 minutes
A suite of four Chaplinesque films exploring the theme of movement engendered by day-to-day life.

Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders
2002/USA/7 minutes
Rare archival footage from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center for Sleep Disorders.

Learn to Speak Body: Tape 5
2002/USA/6 minutes
Satirizes the language instructional video, examines the grammatical intricacies of body language.

Learn to Phone Phony: Tape 2
2005/USA/6 minutes
An instructional video teaching the fine points of conducting the fake cell phone call for prestige.

The Event
2006/USA/2 minutes
World Premiere
A visual poem about your inexorable march toward Destiny.

Name Categories
2004/USA/3 minutes
World Premiere
Real live conceptual art... with a swing. A list of names arranged by meaning. (It's way better than it sounds.)

Director(s): Mitchell Rose

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