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Lover Other, The Story of
Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Directed by
Barbara Hammer
USA / 2006 / 55 minutes
Barbara Hammer Productions

Screening Times and Venues:
Woodstock Town Hall
10/14/2006, 3:00PM
The remarkable lives of radical surrealist lesbian half sisters and lovers Claude Cahun, (Lucy Schoob 1894-1954) and Marcel Moore, (Suzanne Malherbe, 1892-1972) are told with great intimacy and understanding by experimental filmmaker/ archivist and lesbian historian Barbara Hammer.

The sisters, active in the surrealist movement in Paris in the 20's and 30's, moved to the Isle of Jersey off the coast of England in 1935. There they continued their collaborations in photomontage and are remembered by residents, one of whom comments, "Perhaps islands collect eccentric people."

No mere eccentrics, these were brilliant artists unwilling to compromise their authenticity , always challenging the notion that identity is fixed and immutable. Alternately playful, tender and argumentative, they never waiver from their convictions. As Resistors to the German occupation of their Island, they are surrealists to the core.

Combining a treasure trove of archival footage and photomontage with interviews and seamless reenactments, this is surrealism from the inside out, a film about art and an art film; and a story of courage and conviction. (Barbara Pokras, A.C.E.)

Barbara Hammer has made 80 films receiving the Frameline Award for making a significant contribution to lesbian cinema. She chooses film-video as a visual art form to make the invisible, visible. Her work reveals and celebrates marginalized peoples whose stories have not been told. Her cinema is multi-leveled and engages an audience viscerally and intellectually with the goal of activating them to make social change. Her trilogy of documentary film essays on lesbian and gay history has received numerous awards: "Nitrate Kisses," "Tender Fictions," and "History Lessons." Her film "Resisting Paradise" is screening on the Sundance documentary channel. She was a Fulbright Senior Specialist in 2005 in Slovakia at the Bratislava Academy of Art and Design.
Cast/Featuring: Kathleen Chalfant, Marty Pottenger
Executive Producer(s): Barbara Hammer
Producer(s): Barbara Hammer
Director(s): Barbara Hammer
Screenwriter(s): Barbara Hammer and Claude Cahun
Cinematographer(s): Barbara Hammer and Cathy Cook
Editor(s): Barbara Hammer
Composer(s)/Music: Pamela Z

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