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Beyond Eyruv
Directed by
John Mounier
USA / 2006 / 71 minutes

Competition Finalist
New York Premiere
Screening Times and Venues:
Bearsville Theater
10/13/2006, 2PM
Upstate Films II
10/14/2006, 5:00PM
A thin, ritual wire, the Eryuv, strung above the Hassidic community, creates a boundary separating the religious from the ordinary. To Moshe, raised in this ultra orthodox sect of Judaism, life within the Eryuv is defined by ritual and prayer.

At eighteen, Moshe wants to leave the community. Helped by his paternal grandparents, he leaves Israel and arrives in New York hoping to find his place in the secular world. Never having learned math or English and socially unskilled, the road ahead is difficult. His studies, begun with great enthusiasm, slack off as he surrounds himself with rebellious, formerly Hassidic friends.

It soon becomes apparent that he is ill equipped to assimilate into the larger community. Wedged between the expectations of his grandfather and the ghosts of his past, Moshe encapsulates the conflict of a young man caught between two worlds.

"I want to do the right thing," he says. "The question is, what's the right thing?" "Beyond Eyruv" gives us an unflinching and controversial look at the dark side of Hassidic life. (Barbara Pokras, A.C.E)

John Mounier makes his feature debut with "Beyond Eryuv." His second feature-length film, entitled "Jesus and the Faithway Doves," covering life home-life and road-life with a large family of African-American gospel singers, is currently in production. John also works producing and directing television documentaries and is currently producing a new series for the History Channel called "Our Generation," about the defining moments of the Baby Boomer Generation.
Executive Producer(s): Tsahaye
Producer(s): John Mounier
Director(s): John Mounier
Screenwriter(s): John Mounier
Cinematographer(s): John Mounier
Editor(s): Scott J. Gill
Composer(s)/Music: Basya Schechter

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