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Colony Cafe
10/1/2005, 10:00AM
$ 20




Please join esteemed entertainment journalist Martha Frankel for an intimate conversation with some of today's greatest actors.

Featured panelists include

Steve Buscemi (Art School Confidential, The Sopranos, Ghost World, Fargo)

Janeane Garofalo (Duane Hopwood, Wonderland, Steal This Movie, Dogma, The Truth About Cats and Dogs).

Bill Paxton(A Simple Plan, Titanic, Apollo 13, Tombstone.)

Donal Logue(Tennis Anyone?..., American Splendor, Steal This Movie, The Tao of Steve, Blade...

The Actor's Dialogue has been a sold-out event since the first Woodstock Film Festival, and past participants have included Aidan Quinn, David Straitharn, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schrieber, Marcia Gay Harden, Parker Posey, Lily Taylor, Annabella Sciorra, Olympia Dukakis, Peter Riegert and Sam Rockwell. Always full of surprises and laughter, The Actors Dialogue is a relaxed atmosphere where versatile and passionate actors get to discuss their craft, tell stories about their films, and answer questions from their fans. Martha Frankel's work has appeared in scores of publications, including The Times of London, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Movieline and Details.

Colony Cafe
10/1/2005, 12:00PM
$ 15



Recent corporate divorces and consolidation have changed the playing field in the independent and specialty film business, leading some to claim there simply aren't enough quality films to sustain all these businesses. At the same time, the demand for thought-provoking, original work is higher than ever, and national- and state-wide tax incentives are promoting indie film production. This panel looks at how the independent film business has changed in just the past few years, and what new opportunities have emerged for independent filmmakers to finance, produce, and sell their films.

Eugene Hernandez
(Co - Founder, Senior Editor, Indiewire)
Panelists include:
Steven C. Beer(legal representative, producers rep, executive producer, producer: The Hebrew Hammer, Blue Vinyl, L.I.E., My Generation, Snow Days, Tumbleweeds.)
Jason Kliot & Joana Vicente (executive producers, producers: The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Coffee and Cigarettes, Lovely & Amazing, Chuck & Buck, Welcome to the Dollhouse, and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.)
Mark Urman (president, THINKFilm: Murderball, The Aristrocrats, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Mondovino, Spellbound.)
Ted Hope (Executive producerThumbsucker, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, 21 Grams, In the Bedroom, The Tao of Steve...)

REALITY SHOW: Politics, Film, and Real Life
Colony Cafe
10/1/2005, 2:15PM
$ 15



Join moderator David D'Arcy, film and entertainment journalist, as he tries to connect the dots between today's filmmaking and real-life events that affect our lives.

Panelists include:
Bob Berney (President, Picturehouse; former President, Newmarket Fims; Former Vice President, IFC Films)
Bingham Ray (Former President, United Artists, Co-Founder, October Films)
Mark Urman (President, THINKFilm)
Andrew Hurwitz (Founding Partner. Law Firm of Epstein, Levinsohn, Bodine, Hurwitz &Weinstein, LLP)

Colony Cafe
10/1/2005, 4:00PM
$ 15



Curated and moderated by Seth Carmichael, member: Producers Guild of America Founder and partner in Carmichael Films, an Independent Film Sales and PR company. Mr. Carmichael has over 15 years of production, publicity, sales and marketing experience ranging from stadium rock concerts, internet and new technology, to film and TV.


Liesl Copland from Cinetic Media where she focuses on film sales, especially to the ancillary markets in the US. Prior to joining Cinetic, Liesl held a number of different positions within the industry including a Head of Development and Creative Affairs post at Counterclock Pictures. She served as an industry liaison and manager for the Tribeca Film Festival as well as the IFP/NY No Borders Co-Production market and has worked as a producer on films for Columbia Screen Gems, Dimension Films and RKO Pictures, as well on a number of independent film.

Ron Mann (Rat Fink, Go Further, Grass) and founder of the Canadian distribution company FILMS WE LIKE.

Jeanne R. Berney is an independent marketing and public relations consultant and an IFP Board member. She has worked for film companies and agencies in New York and Los Angeles, most recently as Executive Vice President of Film and Digital Entertainment for Rogers & Cowan where she headed up the film division for six years. She has also held staff positions at Rysher Entertainment, Savoy Pictures and Miramax Films. Her experience ranges from publicity campaigns for motion pictures, including The Hunting of the President, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Monster and Whale Rider, to film festival campaigns and events at all major film festivals, to corporate public relations for Newmarket Films, IFC Entertainment, Intermedia, This is that and Revere Pictures, to Special Events, including all publicity activities for ShoWest, the annual national trade show of the movie industry.

Colony Cafe
10/2/2005, 10:30AM
$ 15



Join moderator Doreen Ringer Ross, vice president of film/TV Relations at BMI, for a frank discussion about music in film and the ins and outs of film scoring, music supervision and licensing.

Panelists include:
Michael Bacon, Composer, Loverboy, Losing Chase, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, Brother in Arms, The Hamptons, Napoleon, MacArthur, Sleeping Together
Kevin Bacon, Director, Loverboy, Losing Chase. Actor, Where the Truth Lies, Cavedweller, The Woodsman, Mystic River, Wild Things, Apollo 13, The River Wild, JFK, Footloose
Nic Harcourt, Music Director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW(89.9 FM), and former programmer of the highly respected radio station, WDST-FM, in Woodstock, New York. Harcourt was also the music supervisor of The Dukes of Hazzard and Igby Goes Down.
Tracy McKnight, music supervisor: Murderball, Born Into Brothels, Coffee and Cigarettes, Raising Victor Vargas, Human Nature, High Art and much more. Co - Founder, Commotion Records

Sponsored by BMI since 2000

Colony Cafe
10/2/2005, 1:00PM
$ 15



From the director's chair to the producer's team, amazing women are a growing presence in the film world. Join us for a panel featuring Melissa Leo and other established and emerging women in film.
Moderated by Thelma Adams(film critic US Weekly).
Panelists include:
Terry Lawler (executive director, New York Women in Film & Television.
Melissa Leo (actor, American Gun, Patch, Runaway, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, 21 Grams, The 24 Hour Woman)
Anne Walker-McBay (producer, Have You Heard?, A Scanner Darkly, Before Sunset, Tape, Walking Life, The Newton Boys, SubUrbia, Before Sunrise, Dazed and Confused)
Lillian LaSalle from Lasalle Holland)
Debra Zimmerman (executive director, Women Make Movies)
Michelle Byrd executive director, IFP
Ellen Kuras (cinematographer, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Analyze That, Personal Velocity, Blow, Summer of Sam, I Shot Andy Warhol, He Got Game, Postcards from America)

Produced by Melisse Seleck Presented by New York Women in Film & Television

Colony Cafe
10/2/2005, 3:00PM
$ 10



What's the difference between writing prose and screenplays? How does a story evolve as it moves from one form to the other? Panelists include authors Kim Wozencraft (Rush starring Jennifer Jason Leigh; new novel Wanted optioned by Warner Brothers/Plan B for Meryl Streep and Jennifer Aniston), Paul Hoffman (Wings of Madness, currently in production), Nina Shengold (Writers Guild Award winner for Labor of Love; just-released novel CLEARCUT) and award-winning independent publisher Joan Schweighardt of GreyCore Press and author (Gudrun's Tapestry, Virtual Silence.)

Moderated by author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Zachary Sklar (JFK, The Feast of the Goat)

Colony Cafe
9/30/2005, 1:30PM
$ 10



From remakes of Asian originals to home-grown frighteners, horror is now on the radar in a huge way. The genre's timeless, primal themes enthrall audiences and provide a modern-day catharsis, for which the demand seems unyielding. Join us for a dialogue about the underlying themes of the genre, the reasons for its recent explosion, and why it represents the quintessential indie filmmaking business model.

Panelists include:
Moderator Michael Gingold (Managing Editor of Fangoria MagazineLarry Fessenden, writer/ director of the art horror films No Telling, Habit, Wendigo and the forthcoming The Last Winter. Fessenden is producer of low-budget Scareflix The Roost, The Off Season, and Death to the Automatons He was executive producer on Zombie Honeymoon.
Stuart Samuels, director of Midnight Movies: From he Margin to the Mainstream; producer, Vision of Light.
Douglas Buckrogue auteur (Prologue, Sisters)

Colony Cafe
9/30/2005, 4:00PM
$ 15



Change of attendees: James Toback will regretfully not be present..

What are the secrets of a great film plot? Where do the best stories come from? What makes a character memorable? How much can you bend the truth when adapting a true story to film? Is mixing fiction with documentary the cutting edge of filmmaking? These are just some of the ideas discussed at this yearly panel devoted to art of story narrative and screenwriting. Past participants include: Jim Taylor, Tim Robbins, Mary Harron, Peter Riegert, Donald Westlake, Ron Nyswaner, Michael Almereyda, Tim Blake Nelson and Zachary Sklar.

Moderator: Annie Nocenti, film journalist and former editor, Scenario Magazine. Panelists include:

Nicholas Jarecki (writer/director: The Outsider)

Lewis Lapham (Editor of Harper's magazine and screenwriter: The American Ruling Class)

Kyle Henry
(writer/director: Room, American Cowboy, and University, Inc.)

L. M. Kit Carson (writer: Perfume, Bullfighter, The Texas Chain Massacre 2, Breathless, and Paris, Texas. )

William Greaves (writer/director: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One & Take 21ó2, Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey)

Sponsored by the Writers Guild of America, East since 2001.

Woodstock Elementary School
9/30/2005, 5:00PM



The Woodstock Film Festival Career Day offers students a unique opportunity to meet with industry professionals in small groups to ask questions and learn about careers in film production. Participants in this youth event have included the legendary composer of more than 400 film scores, Elmer Bernstein; award-winning cinematographer and director Haskell Wexler; academy award-winning documentary filmmaker Leon Gast, and agents, actors, studio executives, animators, film editors and producers.

Fri. Sept 30th - For students (13-19)

If you are a teacher or counselor and would like a block of tickets, feel free to call us at (845) 679-4265 or (845) 679-6997 and we will send them to your attention.

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