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produced by WAC-BIZ
& sponsored by BMI
Colony Cafe
10/1/2005, 8:30PM
$ 15



Featuring BMI artists. This concert will feature an acoustic cafe from 8:30-10:15 with Brendan James (Capitol Records), Jeremy Gregory (Warner Brothers), . An electric cafe will start at 10:30-12 with featured artist, Duncan Sheik with Spooky Ghost, and Pamela Sue Mann.

Duncan Sheik - Recording Artist, Producer, Film and Theatre Composer,

In 1996 Duncan Sheik traveled to France to record his debut album for Atlantic Records. It earned him a RIAA Gold Record award as well as a Grammy nomination. He followed up his debut with the first single from the Great Expectations Soundtrack, which also went gold. In 1998 he released his 2nd full-length, Humming, on Atlantic and then, wishing to make a different kind of record, moved to the more adventurous Nonesuch label for his third release. The resulting record, Phantom Moon, an all-acoustic collaboration with playwright/lyricist Steven Sater, was on the 2001 top ten lists of many critics including The New York Times and The Village Voice. Duncan returned to Atlantic for his fourth release, the more modern Daylight, the first single from which went top twenty in the US and was a number one hit across Asia. Soon after the release of Daylight, Duncan composed original music for the Shakespeare in the Park Production of Twelfth Night. Last year Duncan scored his first feature film, A Home At the End of the World for Warner Brothers Classics, and his original songs and score for the movie were released on Milan records. As well as finishing up his fifth record, Duncan is completing work on his first full-length musical, Spring Awakening, which had it's debut at Lincoln Center in February.

With special guests Spooky Ghost and Pamela Sue Mann.

Pamela Sue Mann, who has been called "a new Diva in the making" by MTV Online and hailed by critics for her brand of melodious and haunting "ethereal pop," is a singer/songwriter, keyboard and guitar player, and producer living in New York City.

Blending elements of pop, folk, and electronica on her debut album, pamelasuemann (self-released), she has been likened to artists as diverse as Jane Siberry, Olivia Newton-John and the Cocteau Twins. Pamela's first release was produced by Gerry Leonard, aka Spooky Ghost..

The event is sponsored BMI and produced by WACBIZ, two organizations dedicated to the Film Industry and their licensing needs.

featuring Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish
with special guest appearance by Gov't Mule's Danny Louis
Bearsville Theater
9/28/2005, 8:00PM
$ 30



Bernie Worrell & the Strangers with special guest appearances by Gov't Mule's Danny Louis and Uncle Funk featuring: Joe Beesmer, Jesse Gress, Pete Levin, and Jerry Marotta.


Living Parliament? Funkadelic Colour? We're not sure what it is, but it rocks. With a backbeat provided by resident stampede impersonator, Will Calhoun, and a groove from Doug Wimbish that is deeper than the needle's made on your Physical Graffitti vinyl, Bernie Worrell flies anywhere and everywhere on his magic carpet woven together from waveforms of all creeds and colors. Is it possible that three people are responsible for all of these sounds? Yep, they're guilty.

It wouldn't be too farfetched to call Bernie Worrell the Zelig of funk. Back in the day, he was alongside Clinton, Bootsy and everybody else who was in the deep funk of things as the musical director of Parliament Funkadelic. Throughout the years, he's popped up time and again--like an ivory-tickling, versatile Waldo--in the most intriguing places: performing with musical outfits like Bootsy's Rubber Band and Mos Def's rap-rock supergroup Black Jack Johnson; collaborating with the Talking Heads and eventually ending up in their magnificent concert film Stop Making Sense; and backing up every rapper to come out of the West Coast (in sampled form, of course). Now that he's on tour with his own backup crew, the Strangers featuring Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish of Living Color, folks can rest assured that, in these less-than-funky times, there is still one man out there who is willing to deliver the funk--by any means necessary. (C.D.L.)

Colony Cafe
9/30/2005, 8:00PM
$ 15



Friday, September 30 at the Colony Cafe featuring The Cassettes and Bradford Reed.

Both Arthur Harrison of The Cassettes and Bradford Reed are featured in Gabe Shalom's documentary INSTRUMENTAL.

The Cassettes were originally formed as an out-growth of front-man Shelby Cinca's four-track recordings: odd pop nuggets that diverged from his previous project, Frodus. Drummer Saadat Awan spent periods of his childhood with his parents in Pakistan and had recently been delving into the centuries-old art of tabla-playing, when he was asked to join the band in 2002.

Having moved to Washington D.C. from the swampy flatlands of Louisiana, Stephen Guidry was initially recruited to add his own analogue synthesizers and Cajun-style accordion to several demo songs.

Latest to join but certainly not least, Tom Bernath's skills on the bass guitar and stand-up bass are renowned throughout the Western Hemisphere. Tom brings his valued prowess, power and perspective to bear on the new old sounds of the group.
It was during a performance at a planetarium, featuring his theremins and analogue sequencers that Arthur Harrison was encountered. Soon, he became a full-fledged member of the group, recruited for the sake not only of his theremin skills, but also for his delight.ful crooning.

This NY-based composer, performer and producer fights and tames the idiosyncrasies of the pencilina, an original instrument of his own design and construction. The pencilina is an electric ten-stringed collision of the hammer dulcimer, slide guitar, koto and fretless bass with six pickups of varied types. It is struck with sticks, plucked and bowed, giving Reed an incredibly wide sonic palate. Bradford played in the Blue Man Group's original band. In addition to his solo performances he plays with NOMAH and King Missile III (and produced four of their records). He was awarded a fellowship to the Sundance Institute's Film Composers Lab and a residency at the Ucross Foundation. In May, Bradford was in Athens and Berlin playing live music in Raptus - Eve Sussman's much anticipated new film after 89 Seconds at Alcazar, a re-stageing of Diego Velasquez's masterpiece. In addition to writing music for a new album, Bradford is currently working on a commission for the Julia Ritter dance company and music for a TV pilot for Augenblick Animation Studios. Learn more at



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