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Directed by
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
KENYA, USA / 2005 / 84 minutes minutes

Screening Times and Venues:
Upstate Films I
9/30/2005, 7:00PM
Bearsville Theater
10/1/2005, 5:00PM
THE BOY OF BARAKA is a stunning coming-of--age story that follows a group of extraordinary 12-year-old boys from the most violent ghettos of Baltimore who leave everything they know to attend an experimental boarding school in the most rural corner of Kenya, East Africa. An emotionally explosive journey shot over three years, the film zeros in on a group of brave kids who are willing to cross the ocean to chase an opportunity, boys with a fierce determination to fight the label of "throwaway." "As triumphant as it is touching, this heartwarming docu-saga follows a group of inner-city Baltimore kids who are taken from the worst neighborhoods and picked to attend a private school in Kenya, East Africa. Watching the lives of these vibrant characters change for the better is possibly the most exhilarating and uplifting experience you will have in the cinema this year."
(Michael Lerman)
Heidi Ewing has produced and directed documentaries for The Discovery Channel, Britain's Channel 4, A&E Network, and Arte. Recently, Ewing produced and codirected WARD 2 WEST, shot entirely inside the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric hospital on Ward's Island. Previously, she traveled to Ethiopia and Sri Lanka to work on a film on the ancient origins of tribal and religious body modification. Ewing produced a three-part series on the criminal justice system in the Bronx, focusing on juveniles in the System (Discovery Channel). Her most recent directorial success was DISSIDENT: OSWALDO PAYA AND THE VARELA PROJECT, a film about the struggle of Havana-based dissident and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Oswaldo Paya. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has showed to critical and industry praise. Ewing is the co-founder of Loki Films.

A private investigator turned filmmaker, Rachel Grady has produced and directed a wide variety of documentaries for Discovery Channel, A&E, and Britain's Channel 4. Previously, she focused on the erratic and complex New York criminal justice system for a special A&E series, NEW YORK JUSTICE. For that series, Grady chronicled the lives of five overworked public defenders and also completed MAD JUSTICE, a verité documentary that looks at the troubling fate of mentally ill defendants and parolees. Grady recently completed TX, a first ever look at life inside drug rehabilitation. This eight part series made for VH1 follows 10 young adults as they battle to get off alcohol, heroin, crack, and pills. Grady is the co-founder of Loki Films.

Executive Producer(s): Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
Director(s): Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
Cinematographer(s): Tony Hardmon, Marco Franzoni
Composer(s)/Music: JJ McGeehan


Heidi Ewing



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