Locations and times:

Bearsville Theater in Woodstock,  9/19, 11:00am
Woodstock Community Center in Woodstock, 9/21, 3:15pm
A short film by Douglas Horn
U.S.A / 2003 /12 minutes
Two cars:   In one, young parents late for an obstetric appointment argue over how they'll
manage another child. In the other, a bankrupt builder tries to impress the man who might
give him a second chance. When the cars meet in a narrow street, neither driver is willing to back up to let the other pass--even as the situation slides towards tragedy.
Douglas Horn is a Seattle writer and former computer programmer who
exchanged a successful career writing C++ code for the always unstable and
only rarely glamorous existence of a filmmaker.
His first short film "Trailer: The Movie!" continues to make audiences laugh at numerous film festivals through out the world and was a finalist for "Best Narrative Short" in the 2002 National Short Film & Video Competition. Showing his eclectic range of writing and directing, from comedies to powerful dramas, Horn is currently completing a dramic feature film and a computer-animated short film entitled "The Crosswalk."


Director: Robert Crossman
Canada / 2002 / 25 minutes

Gunshots ring out in a rundown building. The perspectives of five separate tenants
gradually reveal enough clues to solve a murder.
Robert Crossman, has written and directed a body of award winning shorts, music videos and commercials including “A Pretty Strong Word,” “Dead People’s Bums,” “Water, Air, Earth, Fire,” “Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids,” and “Cockroach Blue”. Robert has won 13 awards for writing/directing as well as many other accolades including 3 Gemini nominations. As a co-founder of the Paulus Film Group, Robert has also worked as a producer, editor, cinematographer and stop motion animator, helping Paulus amass over 50 award nominations, and over 20 more awards worldwide. Recently Robert co-directed the feature film “Cornered,” animated the first season of Alliance Atlantis’ stop motion series “Henry’s World” and edited the feature film “Rhinoceros Eyes”. With over fifteen writing/directing screen credits Robert is now in development of his own feature film “Dotted Line”.
Main credits:
Director, screenwriter, producer, editor: Robert Crossman
Cinematographer: David Greene
Music:    Philip Sayce
Cast:    Barry Callaghan, William Hope, Philip Sayce, Maianna Fitzgerald, Gema San Miguel, Alexis Gordon, Brad Brackenridge, Costa Kamateros


A short film by Barbara Sicuranza
U.S.A / 2002 / 29 minutes
“Drive”, a pitch black surreal story of disillusionment is based on a true story.  Four restless suburban transplants, looking for something or nothing at all. "Drive" is a debut film effort from the collaborative talents of Barbara Sicuranza and Chris Stein. 
As an actor Barbara Sicuranza has worked on several feature films including; Ilya Chaiken's "Margarita Happy Hour", (Variety's Sundance Review said, "Barbara Sicuranza is a standout among the happy hour clique"), and  David Cripton's "Fragment 5".  She stars in Rocco Simonelli's debut feature, "The Sweet Life" with James Lorinz (Joan Jett co-stars) and most recently Henry Miller's 35mm feature, "Late Watch" where she plays a bi-polar psychic elevator operator.  “Drive” is her directoral debut.
Barbara's husband Chris Stein is an artist, songwriter and photographer.  He is one of the founding members of the rock band "Blondie."  He has scored several films including John Water's "Polyester", the film noir "Union City", and most recently, Vincent and Shelly Freemont's documentary "Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story”.  He produced the soundtrack on the breakthrough film "Wild Style".  Last year he scored Mike Albo's off Broadway sensation, "Sexotheque".  He is currently touring and recording a new Blondie record.  This is his debut effort as director of photography.
"Drive" stars J. Todd Howell (credits on Broadway and film),  James Lorinz (credits in film and primetime network television; recently on  "Becker" with Ted Danson),  Carter Jackson (most recently with Paul Newman and Jane Curtain on Broadway in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town"), and Joe Lane (independant film and theatre credits).
Main Credits:
Director, screenwriter: Barbara Sicuranza
Cinematographer, music: Chris Stein
A short film by Jim Mickle
U.S.A / 2003 / 22 minutes  (NYU)
A mailman on a graveyard shift heads to a nearby town and quickly
finds out that a pack of pissed off dogs are causing quite the ruckus.
Jim Mickle graduated from NYU's undergraduate film program in 2002. He has received a number of awards and grants in the past year for his senior thesis film The Underdogs, including a 'Clive Davis Post-Production Grant' from NYU and a Best Independent Film Award from the 2003 I-Con Independent Film Festival. While at NYU he made two other films that were featured at film festivals along the east coast, and he is currently working on several feature screenplays. In 2002, he was invited to the Icon Sci-Fi/Horror convention to speak on a panel about the state of independent horror films. He makes a meager living as a grip and a storyboard artist, providing illustrations for such films as “Monster’s Ball,” “ The Royal Tenenbaums,” and the upcoming film “The Hebrew Hammer”.
Main credits:
Director, screenwriter: Jim Mickle
Producers: Chris Romano
Executive Producers: James Mickle Sr., James Mickle Jr.
Cinematographer:  Steve Huber
Editor: Nadia Ahwal
Music: Kevin W. Walker
Cast: Jerry Bianco, Sally Mercer, Rodney Gray, Tim House,
Mike McGrath, Nick Damici and Debbie Rochon


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