A documentary by Amy Nicholson
U.S.A / 2002 / 10 minutes
The New York School of Dog Grooming was the first school specifically dedicated to
teaching all aspects of dog grooming.  The school has been in business for the last 42 years,
and currently exists in a nondescript storefront location on 2nd Avenue:  the kind of place hundreds of people walk by each day without giving a thought as to what goes on inside. 
“Beauty School” goes inside.  This is a warm, yet wry portrait of a school unlike any other school that teaches a profession unlike any other profession.
Amy Nicholson has spent the last 15 years as an Advertising Art Director. While she has created numerous commercials for every imaginable type of product, Beauty School is her first film.
Nicholson was inspired to make Beauty school after working extensively with “real people” in the advertising world. She has plans for several other short documentaries, and continues to freelance as an Art Director to finance future projects. She lives and works in New York City.
Main Credits:
Producer: Amy Nicholson
Editor: John Young
Sound: Christopher Reifeiss, Ty Bertrand
Director of Photography: Amy Nicholson
Assistant Camera:  Jocelyn Allen
Cast: David Brody, Mary Iucopilla, Jeanine Marroccoli, Melodie Tokunaga
Screening with “Shelter Dogs” @ Bearsville Theater 9/19, 5:00pm
A documentary by Bart Friedman
U.S.A / 2003 / 20 minutes
Joanne was born to sing alto; but she thinks she’d do better as a soprano.  This leads to a bit of jealousy at a camp for talented adults with disabilities where she is preparing for the big, end of season show.  Along the way she has to deal with something very frightening for a person who can’t walk on her own, yet she emerges with radiance and verve.
Bart Friedman has been an independent video maker since his days with Videofreex, an early collective of producers in NYC.  He was a co-founder of Lanesville TV (probably America’s smallest TV station) and an instigator in the re-birth of Woodstock’s cable access channel. 
Over the years he has collaborated with artists and groups such as TVTV, created museum installations and shown on PBS.
He lives in Saugerties and is currently a partner in Reelizations, a company that produces learning videos for people in recovery from addictions, trauma and anger issues.
Main Credits:
Producer, director, editor: Bart Friedman
Cast: Joanne Palmer and campers at the Music Institute of Potential Unlimited
Screening with “Our House” @ WCC 9/20, 2:15pm  
Director: Heidi Ewing
Cuba & U.S.A / 2003 / 19 minutes
The first ever look at Cuba’s most controversial dissident. Shot entirely on location in Havana, Cuba. Oswaldo Paya has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Heidi Ewing has produced and directed documentaries for The Discovery Channel, Britain’s Channel 4, the BBC, the A&E Network and Arte.   She recently completed “Dissident: Oswaldo Paya and the Varela Project,” a film about the struggle of Havana-based dissident and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Oswaldo Paya, who is pressing for democratic reform in Cuba. Last year, Heidi produced and co-directed a one-hour film for the Discovery Channel on the ancient origins of tribal and religious body modification, a documentary shot in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. In 2000 she produced a three-part series on the criminal justice system in the Bronx, focusing on juveniles in the System (Discovery Channel). Heidi attended the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and speaks Spanish, German and Italian.
Main Credits:
Producers: Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
Executive Producers: National Democratic Institute
Cinematographer: Marco Franzoni
Editor: Enat Sidi
Music: Joel Diamond
Screening with “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
@ Bearsville Theater9/19, 1:00pm
& Upstate in Rhinebeck 9/20
A documentary by Tobe Carey
U.S.A / 2002 / 21 minutes
“Nowhere to Run” clearly explains all aspects of the issue, including security from attack,
 the oversight role of the NRC, the plant’s troubled operational history, potential dangers
of the spent fuel storage, the evacuation plan, the limited capabilities to treat radiological contamination cases, potential economic impact of closure, and energy production from alternative, renewable, environmentally friendly sources. It includes interviews with many
experts, including nuclear engineers and scientists, elected officials, emergency service
planners and emergency medical physicians.
Willow Mixed Media, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt arts and educational organization engaged in producing and distributing works of art and social interest.
Screening with “Food, Not Drugs” @ WCC 9/21, 1:00pm
A documentary by Emily and Sarah Kuntsler
U.S.A / 2002 / 26 minutes
“Tulia, Texas” is a shocking look at the collateral consequences of America’s War
on Drugs through interviews with prisoners, their families and other townspeople. 
This is the story of a small town drug bust that imprisoned over 10% of the Black
community based on the word of one police officer.
Emily Kunstler (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film and Video in 2000. Along with her sister, Sarah Kunstler, she is a co-founder of Off Center Productions, an independent video production company dedicated to exposing social injustices. Emily is a freelance video producer, and has produced segments for various news programs including Democracy Now!, an independent national television and radio news program that broadcasts on the Pacifica Radio Network, and on public access and satellite television. She is the outreach coordinator and videographer for the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice, an organization dedicated to combating racism in the criminal justice system.

Sarah Kunstler (Producer/Director) graduated from Yale University with a BA in photography in 1998. She has since worked as a freelance photojournalist, and as media director for the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice. Along with Emily Kunstler she is a co-founder of Off Center Productions. She is currently attending Columbia Law School.
Main Credits
Directors/Editors:  Emily Kuntsler, Sarah Kuntsler
Producer:  Randy Credico
Cinematographer:  Emily Kuntsler
Composer:  Jesse Ferguson, Embedded Studios
Screening with  “Every Child is Born a Poet” @ MT. View in Woodstock 9/21, 11:00am
A Wolf Films/Shape Pictures/Universal/Mopo Entertainment Production
Director(s): Bill Guttentag and Robert David Port
U.S.A / 2002 / 34 minutes
Winner: 2002 Academy Award for best short documentary
Twin Towers is a film about the officers of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit who were
among the first to answer the call to help on September 11. The film follows a Harlem based
unit before the tragedy and then tells of the fate of these men.
The central characters in the film are Joseph Vigiano, a young officer in the unit, and his father, retired fireman John Vigiano, Sr., who is one of the most decorated firefighters in the
history of the New York City Fire Department. John had a second son, John Jr.,
who followed him into the NYFD.
The film follows Joe and several other Emergency Service Officers as they go on raids, arrest armed suspects, and are the first to arrive at murder sites. This unit is the NYPD’s version of a SWAT team and is called to do the department’s most difficult and dangerous assignments.
The tragedy of 9/11 destroyed many families, but as former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
emotionally says in the film, “Many families were effected by the attack on America, but
what this family was asked to bear was really too much.” In the tragedy on
September 11, 2001 Joe Vigiano, Sr. lost his only two children – one a firefighter,
the other a police officer who both died the same day, at the same place.
Screening with “Brothers on Holy Ground” @ Bearsville Theater9/21, 3:00pm  
A short Documentary by
Josh Nussbaum and Rob Dimin
U.S.A / 2003 / 47 minutes

"The White Runway" condenses 5 crucial hours in the lives of a young fashion design team, Vasseur/Esquivel, at their make-or-break haute couture runway show on Fifth Avenue.
In a high-octane swirl of energy, an eccentric cast is revealed as the complex backstage production unfolds. Enjoy an all access safari through a moment in fashion history,
meet the in crowd and witness the creation of cool.

Josh Nussbaum was born locally in Dutchess County, and exhibited an early interest in photography. At 15, he was accepted into the NYU Film School where he studied producing and directing, and specialized in cinematography. As a student, he was the cinematographer on over 30 films, including a soon to be released feature film entitled "Love and Cigarettes".
Nussbaum was interviewed in 2001 for a feature article in American Cinematographer Magazine about his work on an award-winning student short. Recently, he traveled to Japan to shoot a
hip-hop video that aired on Japanese MTV. Nussbaum is developing a number of film/television projects and is seeking cinematography work and creative collaborations.

Rob Dimin, Executive Producer and Co-Director of "The White Runway" is a recognized
23 year old fine art photographer who frequently photographs intimate portraits of celebrities
such as Adam Sandler and Dave Chapelle. Dimin held his most recent one-man gallery show
in 2002 during the first Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. This show was titled
"A Tribute to Beauty" and featured Dimin's classically posed nudes, loosely based upon the
nudes painted in the early 20th century by Amadeo Modigliani. "A Tribute to Beauty"
included a one minute film created by Dimin and Nussbaum, however
"The White Runway" is truly Dimin's first attempt at film-making.

Main credits:
Directors: Josh Nussbaum and Rob Dimin
Associate Producers: Justin Melnick and Olive Lykins
Executive Producer: Rob Dimin
Cinematographer, Editor: Josh Nussbaum
Screening with "Veils Uncovered"
A short Documentary by Dan Schneider
U.S.A / 2003 / 15 minutes
A short, loving and irreverent exploration into the history of the
Yiddish language and its impact on American Culture.
Screening with “Mendy”.

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