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Hosted by Todd Barry – Entertainment Weekly's 2003 " IT Stand UP"

A short film by Gideon Raff
U.S.A / 2003 / 17 min
Do you remember the first time you were happy about the babysitter coming?  Don’t tell anyone, but Jimmy is still a virgin.  Tonight he has agreed to babysit his neighbor Sara, to avoid having to go to a party where his friends might discover the truth.  All he wants to do is to spend a quiet and calm night and maybe make a few bucks – but precocious Sara has other plans.
Gideon was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He graduated magna cum laude from the Film and Television department at the Tel Aviv University. He wrote and directed two award-winning films, which were screened at various European film festivals. In addition to writing a television show in Israel, Gideon is a bestselling author in his country. Currently he is completing his graduate studies as a directing fellow at AFI, in Los Angeles where he wrote and directed “The Babysitter”.
Gideon is the 2002 recipient of the AFI Ashley Amulis scholarship for excellence.
Main Credits:
Writer/Director: Gideon Raff
Producer:  Nicole Hedrick
Director of Photography:  Ji Yong Kim
Editor:  Ronen Pestes
Composer:  James Peterson
Principal Cast:  Jeremy Lelliott, Tierra Abbott


A short film by Todd Barry
U.S.A / 2003 / 9:10 minutes
An impish borderline adorable New York man suffers discordant upheaval in the aftermath of a neighbor’s bold request.
Todd Barry made the Entertainment Weekly IT LIST as the "IT Standup" of 2003.
He's appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien,
the Friar’s Roast of Chevy Chase, and in his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents special. Acting credits include The Larry Sanders Show, Sex and the City, Spin City, Road Trip,
and Pootie Tang. He also did the voice of Todd, the Video Store Clerk on Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, as well as voices for Aqua Teen Hunger Force , and Home Movies on the
Cartoon Network. and Hey Monie, on BET.


A short film by Geoffrey O’Connor
U.S.A / 2003 / 14 minutes
It's easy to play the field and win; you just have to follow the rules.
If you blow them all in one night... well, then you've got a problem...
Geoffrey O’Connor has a varied career working in the nonfiction where he has produced, directed and shot over a dozen documentaries including his 1993 work “At The Edge of Conquest” which was nominated for an Academy Award. His collaborations in nonfiction TV included extensive work with Michael Moore, the BBC and “60 Minutes.”    In 1997,
his first nonfiction book “Amazon Journal: Dispatches from a Vanishing Frontier” was selected
by The New York Times as one of the “Notable Books of the Year.”  Geoffrey is
currently producing a remake of the French film “The Son of Gascogne” with
Tom Teicholz and Echo Lake Productions. 
Main credits:
Director/ Screenwriter: Geoffrey O’Connor
Producers: Ed Lynch, Geoffrey O’Connor, Denny Shestack
Cinematographer: Harlan Basmajian
Editor: Sheri Bylander
Music: John Kimbrough
Cast: Starring Bruce Altman with Oksana Lada, Dee Pelletier, 
Barbara Spiegel,  Tom Riis Farrell
U.S.A / 2003  / 5:30 minutes
Two girls, two guys: Sex like you’ve never heard.
Award-Winning Writer/Director/Producer/Actor T. Arthur Cottam has completed eight short films as a graduate of New York University.  His films “Beer Goggles” and “Between Us” have screened to sold out audiences at dozens of film festivals worldwide.  His most recent, “Pornographic Apathetic”, won the Christopher Wetzel Award for
Independent Film Comedy.  When he is not making films, Mr. Cottam spends most of his time concocting fiendish plots to take over the world, utilizing his vast army of zombie strippers.  He also enjoys cycling, dancing and long walks on the beach.
Main Credits:
Writer/Director:  T. Arthur Cottam
Music:  Dick-N-Jayne
Principal Cast: Jim Lightfoot, Jenna Leigh, Annie Teegardin, John Falchi
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A short film by Robbie Pickering
U.S.A / 2003 / 13 minutes ( NYU)
When Todd’s girlfriend dumps him two days before the senior prom, his parents hook him up with Angie, the awkward daughter of a family friend.  But things aren’t always what they seem… especially on prom night.
Main credits:
Director, writer, Co-producer:  Robbie Pickering
Producer:  Mike Nicholson
Director of Photography:  Zack Resnicoff
Editor:  Blaine Hope
Composer:  Ryan Shore
Principal Cast:  Andy Phelan, Liz Anderson, Caroline Cagney


An animated film created by PES
U.S.A / 1:10 minutes
"XXX Chair-on-Chair Action!!!"
Like anyone, PES saw his share of movies growing up, but was never fascinated by them or the process of making them. In fact he didn’t really understand what a director really did until he had an idea (“Bomber”) and he didn't want anyone to mess it up, so he had to learn how to make it himself.  While films are a relatively recent development for him, he started painting at an early age. He also studied printmaking for 4 years like an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
He made his own illuminated manuscripts with text and illustration, very much in the vein
of Bibles from the 15th century. These illuminated manuscripts made him recognize that
he really wanted to tell stories and that film might be better suited for it. When his ideas
started to mutate from printmaking/painting concepts into film ideas, that's when
he realized he had to learn how to make them.
Main Credits:
Writer/Director/Animator:  PES
Editor:  Sam Welch/Homestead Editorial NYC
Cinematographer:  Mai Iskander
Producers:  PES & Sarah Phelps
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Director: Victoria Foyt
U.S.A. / 2002 / 16:17 minutes
In this visually stylized and darkly comedic tale of romantic delusion, a Wife decides to tell her Husband that she is leaving him.  But first, her Lover convinces her, she must dispose of her Husband’s gun, lest he become violent.  The Wife sets out on her mission, enduring a series of misadventures – or not.  We see the world through her eyes; tensions mount and realities shift, until, in a twist of fate, the Wife discovers the true natures of the men in her life. 
Victoria Foyt is known for her work as an actress and screenwriter in the independent film world.  Through her partnership with Maverick film director Henry Jaglon, she co-wrote and starred in the romantic, critically acclaimed “Deja-Vu”, with Stephen Dillane and Vanessa Redgrave, the theatrical farce “Last Summer in the Hamptons” and the yuppy seitgeist-driven “Babyfever”,
as well as “Shopping”, which will be released in 2003.  She recently finished her first novel,
The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond, which has been signed by Amster Literary, and has
published film-related articles in Film & Video Production Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. 
“The Sweet Spot” is Ms. Foyt’s directorial debut.
Main Credits
Writer/Director: Victoria Foyt
Producer: Judith Wolinsky
Cinematographer: Alan Caudillo
Editor: Greg D’Auria
Composer: Gaili Schoen
Sound: Bayard Carey
Principal Cast: Jennifer Grant, Vincent Ventresca, Ivo Cutzarida, Carl Weathers



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